Just Married: 4 Reasons to Start Your Family in an Apartment to Rent

to rent

to rent

As a newlywed, there are a lot of decisions you and your new spouse will need to make together. Once the wedding is over and you’re back from the honeymoon, you finally have time to think about where you want to live as you start your married life.

While homeownership may be a goal of yours down the road, for a lot of newly married couples, renting is a better option.

Buying a home can be stressful. You have to get a mortgage, find the right realtor, and submit an offer that may or may not get accepted. Most couples want to begin their married life without that kind of hassle.

Finding an apartment to rent is a much simpler and straightforward process, and can give you flexibility as you begin to grow your life together.

Below, we’re detailing the top four reasons why renting makes more sense for newlyweds. Read on!

1. More Affordable

Finances are one of the primary reasons newly married couples might want to rent instead of buy. After paying for a wedding and a honeymoon, the kind of money needed to make a worthwhile down payment is usually unattainable.

Rather than settling to buy whatever home you can afford, renting gives you and your spouse time to build your savings back up. Down the road, you’ll be in a more stable position to put in a down payment that can go toward the house of your dreams.

2. Urban Lifestyle

If you and your spouse plan to start a family one day, you find that living in the suburbs or farther from the city environment is preferable. Until having kids, though, most young married couples prefer urban living.

Renting is typically a much more feasible way for young couples to experience an urban lifestyle that puts them closer to the bars and restaurants they like to frequent.

3. Upkeep

Many newly married couples have busy lives and many priorities, including growing their careers or traveling to new places. In the midst of all of that, the upkeep that home ownership requires is not easy to manage.

By renting an apartment, you avoid the expensive and time-consuming maintenance that comes with owning a home.

4. Growing a Family

Even as you do begin to grow your family, there are lots of reasons to continue to rent an apartment.

Moving in the middle of such a big life change is often more stress than it’s worth, and being in a familiar environment can provide first-time parents with comfort and familiarity. Being in a smaller space may also help you create a safe environment for your new baby.

You may also want to avoid committing to buying a house until you determine how many children you plan to have. You don’t want to move into a house only to grow out of it once your next baby comes along.

Ready to Explore Apartments to Rent?

Starting your married life by living in an apartment community gives you and your spouse some peace of mind as you adjust to other changes. Everything about renting is simpler than buying, and if you do hope to eventually own a home, renting can help you save the money you need to achieve that goal.

To begin searching for a great apartment for rent, please contact us today.

4 Benefits of Living in Apartment Communities

apartment communities

apartment communities

In 2018, mortgage rates are expected to increase, making homes less affordable overall. Many people who don’t want to get buried under rising interest rates are opting for apartment living.

For some, this is simply a lifestyle choice. Apartments offer a level of convenience and a sense of community many people desire.

We’re not only talking about young, single individuals either. Married couples and families also take advantage of the great quality of life found in apartment communities.

If you’re considering moving into an apartment or townhome, but are still on the fence, keep reading.

We’re going over four benefits of renting.

1. Take Advantage of Amenities

You may not realize the number of added luxuries you can take advantage of when you sign an apartment lease. These are amenities that would cost a fortune to add to your home.

Many of these features present a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and create new friendships. Things like swimming pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses offer entertainment and also promote an active lifestyle.

These amenities are also perfect if you have a family. Many apartment communities have playgrounds for kids in close proximity, which is perfect if you’re a single parent.

2. Stress-Free Maintenance

One of the biggest financial burdens of owning a home is that you have to keep up with repairs. There are also other maintenance issues like landscaping that take lots of time and effort.

This isn’t the case if you rent an apartment or townhome. You’ll be able to submit a service request when you have a problem, and a professional will take care of it at no cost to you.

You’ll also enjoy well-maintained grounds without ever having to lift a finger.

3. A Safe Environment

Many homeowners feel the need to spend money on expensive security systems in order to feel safe. They simply don’t have that safe sense of community in a stand-alone home.

A huge benefit of apartment communities is that you’re in close proximity to your neighbors. Even if you’re home alone, there’s someone familiar nearby. This translates to an ever-present feeling of safety and well-being.

This is very important if you have children who are at home alone for part of the day. Knowing that you have neighbors close by ensures you have peace of mind while you’re away.

4. Cost Efficiency

One of the primary reasons people opt to rent an apartment is the savings. You’re not locking yourself into years of mortgage payments and the burden of paying for repairs and updates.

Due to the compact size of apartments, you’ll also spend less on monthly energy bills. Even if you have to pay small fees for things like trash collection, these are small expenses when compared to owning a home.

Consider Apartment Communities for Your Next Residence

Whether you prefer the apartment lifestyle or just aren’t ready for the responsibility of owning a home, there are many advantages to renting. We have gone over four benefits, but you’ll likely discover countless more once you move in.

Willow Creek Crossing Apartments in Fort Wayne offers one, two and three bedroom options, along with townhomes. Contact us to get your questions answered!

5 Apartment Redecorating Ideas For the New Year




The new year provides all of us with a fresh start and a chance to commit to changes and what better way to start the year than with an apartment redecoration! It’s the perfect opportunity to spruce up your space.

Whether you rent or own, there are tons of options as to how you can change your space and make a big impact in your life. Small changes can make your space more functional, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re interested in learning about the ways in which you can change your place, follow along!

1. Redecorating Your Kitchen or Office Space With a Pegboard

A pegboard is a great way to change a space by investing very little. With very little effort, you could transform a blank wall in your kitchen or office to a productive and beautifully displayed space.

Create a hanging system for pots, pans, and lids to display your very best kitchen tools. Hang some plants or other decorations on a wall next to your desk. It’s easy to install and the only other thing you’ll need are hooks from which to hang your items.

2. Temporary Wallpaper

This is an easy and non-permanent way to try something new. If you’ve always wanted to experiment with a wall in your apartment, now’s the time! Just find the appropriate wallpaper for your walls and you’re done!

If you’ve been wanting to try out a wooden wall, for instance, you could use a wallpaper for that. The results are stunning, especially if other elements in your home feature the same wooden look.

3. Install a Chandelier

This is one of the options on this list where you can splurge or save, depending on what you prefer. You could install an expensive crystal chandelier if your budget allows it, or a smaller, glass chandelier to achieve the look.

Either way, a chandelier can transform a space and instantly make it look classy and upscale.

4. Change Your Knobs

This is a very simple DIY project that can be done by anyone. All you need is to hit up a store and pick out some cool knobs for your kitchen cabinets, drawers, or doors. Installing them is as easy as pie and you’ll be left with something that looks instantly more polished and classy.

5. Adopt a Distraction Minimizing Environment

If you work from home, chances are you get distracted easily by your comfy couch, your magazines or books, or your very comfy bed. If you want to become a more productive person this year, consider minimizing the distractions in your apartment.

A clean, modern, minimalistic esthetic can help improve your productivity. You’ll have fewer things around to distract you and more time to work. Just check out this beautiful minimalistic apartment!

Wrapping Up

Take on some redecorating projects this new year. They can transform your space completely and they don’t take much work! But of course, don’t forget to discuss any changes with your leasing office before starting your new projects.

If you’d like to read more about apartment hunting, redecorating, or tips and tricks on apartments, don’t hesitate to check out our blog!

3 Storage Solutions For When You Live in an Apartment

storage solutions

storage solutions


76% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck, making it more common for people to opt for apartments. Even people with limitless bank accounts are jumping into this trend headfirst.

Most of us assume living in an apartment means you’re swapping a real home for a shoe box. But that’s simply not the case.

There are numerous benefits to living in an apartment.

Apartment living can be spacious if you find the right storage solutions. Keep reading to see the top 3 solutions to make your apartment more spacious.

1. Hang Anything and Everything

One of the best hacks for your storage dilemma is to hang items in each room of your new apartment.

Clever Ways to Hang Items:

  • Use tension rods to hang cleaning supplies under sinks
  • A shower caddy
  • Hang utensils and kitchen items on the wall
  • Put shoe organizers on each door
  • Hang your bicycles for storage and decor

You can use hooks, pegs, or a pegboard for hanging items in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms. In the kitchen, you can also use tension rods to hang cleaning supplies from.

You can hang shoe organizers on every door in your apartment. They’re wonderful for shoes, but also for a variety of other items. Get creative.

Another option is to dangle items right from the ceiling. I’m sure you’ve seen pots and pans dangling from ceilings before. You can hang up anything these days, in every room. Even your bicycle can be hung up to save space.

2. Your Bed Offers Many Storage Solutions

If you’re not utilizing your bed as a massive storage space, you’re missing out on serious space.

There are loads of ways you can make your bed into an extensive storage space.

Methods You Can Use to Save Space with Your Bed:

  • Use a headboard with storage
  • Invest in a bed riser
  • Try pull-out drawers under the bed

You can buy a bed that already has built-in storage, or you can build something yourself. You may need a bed riser unless you opt for something extensive. A more extensive DIY project would raise the bed up several feet, giving you more storage.

Your bed can be your saving grace when it comes to living in an apartment, especially if it’s a small bedroom.

3. Get Creative with Your Storage Purchases

Downsizing when you move into an apartment is a must.

When you dispose of items you no longer need, you’ll make room for space-saving items. These are the items that’ll transform your apartment.

In order to afford the new space-saving items, you can declutter your possessions by selling a chunk of them first. Then the rest, you can donate or throw away.

Creative Storage Solutions You Can Buy:

  • Baskets
  • Mason jars for food items
  • Ottomans with storage inside
  • Ottoman-like chairs filled with storage

There’s always somewhere you can hide baskets. You can buy an array of tiny baskets and larger ones, depending what you want to store. Hide them wherever you can.

In the kitchen, you can put most dry goods into mason jars or tall glass jars to save space. Not to mention large boxes or packages are not appealing in plain sight.

One of the most well-known storage saving ideas would be ottomans. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them! You can also buy chairs that are ottoman-like, and have storage inside them.

Final Thoughts

As you get more space-savvy you’ll find that you’re always on the lookout for more storage solutions for your apartment.

It’ll become a way of life, and you’ll never have to concern yourself with space issues again!

If you’re in Fort Wayne and are considering moving into a stylish apartment, contact us today.

5 Easy DIY Apartment Decor Hacks Anybody Can Do

diy apartment decor

diy apartment decor


Updating your apartment’s look doesn’t have to break the bank. Once you have all your apartment essentials, you’ll want to make the place feel like your space. Decorating is one of the best ways to make your new apartment feel like home.

With these DIY apartment decor tips, you can transform your apartment on the cheap.

1. Washi Tape Wall Decor

Washi tape is the secret behind a number of different decor possibilities, but our favorite is using it to decorate a wall. You can create chic minimalist wall art using black, or get creative with the many colors and patterns available. You can also apply the tape right to the wall. Large-scale patterns, like a geometric design covering an entire wall, can make a big impact. And the best part? Washi tape peels off easily without taking any of the paint with it. You can redecorate your walls without breaking your rental agreement.

2. Cute Teacup Succulents

There’s a reason succulents are so popular! They’re low-maintenance, thrive in tons of different conditions, and look super cute. Usually, people get them in pots or terrariums, but changing up the pot can really change the aesthetic. Try repotting your succulent into an old china teacup.You can usually find some at thrift stores for cheap. Pick one with a pattern that matches your color scheme. Just make sure to put a layer of stones below the soil for drainage, and don’t overwater your succulent.

3. Spray Paint Your Storage Jars

You can easily make stylish storage jars for all your kitchen essentials. Save the glass jars when you finish things like jam or pasta sauce. Look for ones are about the size you need to store things like sugar, coffee, and flour. Give them a very thorough cleaning. Then, spray paint them! Get creative with the color scheme. You could go all black for a more modern look. Or paint them white, with a different color for each of the lids. These painted jars will add a decorative accent to your kitchen while also conveniently keeping your most important cooking supplies within arms reach.

Only spray paint the outside of the jars. Paint and food shouldn’t mix.

4. Liven Up a Statement Piece

Thrift stores and garage sales can be treasure troves for quirky, unique furniture. Getting yourself something unique and functional can add a lot to the feel of your room. Usually, these old pieces just require some TLC to look as good as new! Usually, a new coat of paint is all you need. A bold color on an old-style piece of furniture creates a really cool look that is at once classic and modern.

For example, painting an old coat rack and adding some embellishments can liven up your entryway, plus add some useful hooks.

5. Hang Paper Flags

Paper decor has a lot of upsides for DIY apartment decor projects. It’s cheap, easy to use, and weighs virtually nothing when you go to hang it. Buy some scrapbook or origami paper with interesting patterns. Then, cut them into long triangular flags. String these up with twine and affix it non-permanently to your wall.

Wrapping Up: Using DIY Apartment Decor Hacks

These are five super easy DIY apartment decor projects you can do on the cheap. With a bit of time and effort, you can have your apartment looking great in a way that won’t break your rental agreement.

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Resident Christmas Party

apartment Christmas party

apartment Christmas party

Santa Claus is coming to town and making a stop at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments to visit all of our nice residents.

Where: The Clubhouse
When: Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
Time: 5:30-7:00 P.M.

Come out to the Clubhouse on Wednesday for treats for the kids and adults too! (must be 21+ and have photo ID). Bring a camera to take your picture with Santa!

Bring a donation for the Community Harvest Food Bank for admission!

Items for the Community Harvest Food Bank could include:

  • boxed potatoes
  • canned cream soup
  • macaroni & cheese
  • canned pumpkin
  • crust mix
  • cereal
  • chunky soups
  • peanut butter
  • gravy mix
  • canned meats/tuna
  • canned vegetables
  • pasta & pasta sauces
  • canned fruit
  • boxed cake mixes
  • cake frostings

We look forward to seeing all of our residents at our Resident Christmas Party!


Small Space? No Problem! 10 Awesome Holiday Party Ideas To Try This Season

holiday party ideas

holiday party ideas

Do you have a tiny apartment? Do you want to host a festive party? If you answered yes to both, it’s possible–just scroll down to check out our holiday party ideas to make your bash a blast. There’s a lot of holiday festivities in Fort Wayne this time of year, but there’s no reason not to add to them! Follow these ten tips to think outside the box and make the most of your small space.

#1: Prep Food Beforehand

There are three reasons you don’t want to cook during your party:

  1. It takes up too much space.
  2. It keeps you out of the fun.
  3. It heats up your apartment.

To avoid having to slave over the stove during your soiree, find recipes you can make ahead of time. While you’re at it, choose finger foods. They’re easy and fun to eat and don’t require plates and utensils.

#2: Clear Clutter

Before you pack your apartment with people, clear away “pity piles”–stacks of books and papers that you meant to organize. If you don’t have time to go through them thoroughly, find a hidden place (like your closet) where you can stash them for the party.

#3: Make Seating Areas

Arrange your furniture, floor pillows, and throw blankets to make comfortable spots for guests to settle and chat. You want to encourage people to mingle. Don’t be afraid to use alternate seating like milk crates and you can drape them if you don’t like the way they look.

#4: Serve Drinks Throughout Your Apartment

Do you have bookshelves? How about a planter or tv table? All of those can be used as a mini-bar. Party-goers get thirsty, so make sure there are drinks accessible in each room.

#5: Make a Bowl of Punch or Eggnog

Punch bowls cut down on empty cans and bottles and add a festive feel to your party. Eggnog is a holiday staple, and like the punch, it can be served with or without alcohol.

#6: Pave the Way for Guests

Guests come with stuff, so you need to make room for their jackets, scarves, and purses. Make room by cleaning out a closet before your party so they have somewhere to stash that stuff while they’re relaxing in your apartment

What can you do with your unwanted coats and sweaters? Donate them to get in the spirit of the season.

#7: Invite Guests to Use Every Room

Twinkle lights, record players, and a pile of pillows and blankets on your bed can make any room inviting to guests. Why cram everyone inside four walls? Let guests explore and mingle in every space your apartment has to offer.

#8: Spread Snacks Out

Just like drinks, you want snacks to be available to guests in any room. If you’re short on snack-serving-surfaces, use a cutting board!

#9: Crowdsource Music

You’ll want to have a playlist ready to go, but guests will enjoy the chance to share their favorite tunes. Crowdsource the music or let guests add to the playlist to amp up the fun.

#10: Play Virtual Games

Boardgames and rounds of cards take up a lot of space. Instead of setting up a game table, invite everyone to participate all around your apartment in virtual games on their smartphones.

What’re Your Favorite Holiday Party Ideas?

We could talk about ways to have fun in your apartment all day, regardless of how much room you have. We’d love to know which holiday party ideas inspire you this season. Share your favorite from the list above or an original tip in the comments below. You can also get in touch with us directly. We’d love to hear from you!

How to Make Your Apartment Holiday Ready

holiday ready

holiday ready


Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing? That’s the sound of the holidays quickly approaching. Soon, malls will be visited by Santa and local parking lots will be filled with Christmas trees. Your apartment will need to switch from its neutral fall decor and turn into a winter wonderland.

This article will give you 5 ideas on how to make your apartment holiday ready.

1) Get the Perfect Tree

There is nothing better than twinkling lights on a Christmas tree around the holiday season. A Christmas tree will liven up your house and put you in the holiday spirit.  Although live trees are not allowed in apartments, you don’t have to go without. Today’s artificial trees have the look and feel of real trees without the mess or fire hazard. You just need to pick a Christmas tree that will fit in your apartment. In order to do this, so some preliminary measuring of the space you have available for the tree. This way, when you get to the store you can say you’re looking for a tree that fits those specifications. You would hate to get home and not have your tree fit through the door.

Once you bring your tree home and put it in the perfect place you can add a Christmas tree air freshener to make it smell like the real thing.


2) Decorate Your Own Ornaments

Have roommates in your apartment? Decorating ornaments together can be a great bonding activity. You can buy plain ornament orbs and then paint them yourself. You can also knit ornaments. Anything that’s light enough and has a string attached can turn into an ornament.

Get creative with the people you live with or your friends and make ornaments you can use year after year.

3) Hang Stockings

Typically apartments won’t have a fireplace, but you still have to hang stockings! How else will Santa deliver your smaller presents? Utilize bookshelves or walls to hang stockings for everyone who lives in your apartment is a great way be holiday ready. Make sure you write or paint everyone’s name on their stocking for a personalized touch.

4) Go Crazy with Christmas Lights

Christmas lights aren’t just for your tree. Hanging Christmas lights all around your apartment will make it look brighter and more jolly instantly. Drape lights around the perimeter of a room. Try to color coordinate the lights so your apartment still looks classy.

Solid white lights always look great, or you can go for a red and green look.

5) Decorate Your Door

After you got the inside of your apartment spruced up, pay some attention to your door. Your door is the one thing people can see of your apartment without coming inside. Decorate it by hanging a wreath with a velvet red ribbon tied around it. Find a festive doormat to place in front of the door so everyone knows you’re in the holiday spirit.

Follow These Tips and Your Apartment Will be Holiday Ready

If you follow this guide your apartment will be holiday-ready in no time. Hanging decorations is a great way to feel the holiday spirit and get your place ready for house guests.

Have questions about this article or want to get in contact with us? Please do so here!

5 Tips to Help You Understand Your Rental Application

rental application

rental applicationReady to move out of your old place and into a better apartment?

It can be quite the daunting task. So many places in different areas to check out. And with so many landlords requiring rental application fees, you don’t want to go expending all your time, energy, and money frivolously.

To help you out, we’ve gathered our 5 best tips to share on understanding the rental application process.

Follow these tips to stand out!

1. Fill Out the Rental Application Completely

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many applicants fail to fill out as much of the application as possible.

Property managers are seeing tons of potential tenants while they’re looking to fill their unoccupied apartments. Chances are, they don’t have the time or energy to go chasing you down over the phone or email if you forgot to fill out bits of your application.

In most cases, if you can’t even fill out your application form fully and correctly, they aren’t going to consider you a responsible, worthy candidate. That’s an application in the trash.

Do yourself a favor and double-check your application before you hand it in.

2. Have Documentation Ready

First and foremost, property managers want to know that you’ll be able to pay the rent in full and on time. What’s the best way to do that?

Whatever your income is, prove it. Have your pay stubs ready from your employer or bank statements to prove your self-employed business is bringing in the dough.

It’s also a good idea to have references ready, either from previous landlords or employers whom you have a good history with. You want to demonstrate to the best of your ability that you’re a responsible tenant.

3. Be Upfront and Honest

Got pets? Play an instrument? Smoke? Host lots of parties?

Don’t hide it.

Landlords have seen it all, and they know what they’re comfortable dealing with. Some will be open to your lifestyle, others will have bad experiences with that and not want to go down that road again.

Save yourself the hassle of going through an eviction process and find an apartment manager that will be accepting of your lifestyle.

4. Do Your Research

The rental application process is as much about your needs as it is the landlord’s.

If there are certain amenities you desire, ask about them. Now’s the time to start comparing what different apartments offer, and which best fits your wants and needs.

Similarly, find out about the other tenants in the building: Are there families? Couples? Individuals? A mix? It’s important to know who your neighbors are and what interactions you might have with them.

5. Be Presentable

First impressions matter!

When you go to check out the apartment and meet the landlord, come dressed in your best. Be courteous, kind, and inquisitive. Property managers, like any other person, will appreciate the effort you put in for your meeting.

Find Your New Home Now

What an exciting time!

If you’re in the Fort Wayne area, check out our apartment listings. We have many units available that can accommodate any and all family sizes. Your new home is just around the corner.

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Townhouse vs Apartment: Which Option is Best for you?

townhouse vs apartment

apartment townhome fort wayne

Are you looking into more economical housing options in the near future? There are an array of options to choose from when making the decision, but it can be difficult to decide what is best for your situation. Apartments and townhomes are two of the greatest options for downsizing and decluttering. These allow you to save money and enjoy a level of independence and flexibility.

But, what’s the difference between the two? And how do you know which is the best option for you? Read on to learn more about how the two measure up, townhouse vs apartment.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Townhouses

A townhome can be a good option in the event that you aren’t quite ready to make the move from a larger home to a smaller apartment. Essentially, townhomes can be an intermediate between a home and an apartment and a stepping stone to easier living. A townhouse typically has a small backyard and front yard, as well as shared entertainment spaces inside and outside. These homes also usually are split level, allowing the appearance of more space even if the measurements are similar to that of an apartment.

Maintenance and lawn care can be included in some townhomes, but it depends on the ownership. If you are looking for an affordable option that has the benefits of a home without as much hassle, a townhome might be for you.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Apartments

There is a wide range of apartments on the market to fit exactly the needs of you and your household. Apartments are a broad category and can be located in most areas of any city. This allows flexibility for you to pick the neighbors you enjoy the most. This housing type also provides an excellent opportunity to downsize and declutter your space. There is relief in letting go of what no longer serves you.

Maintenance, lavish amenities, and pest control are typically all taken care of for you. As well, you will be able to enjoy the greenery around the ground but you won’t need to worry about any lawn work.

There is a sense of community in many apartment buildings as well. This can be a positive or a negative, as neighbors can be very friendly or very noisy.

Townhouse vs Apartment

In truth, it is best to explore all of your options to determine what will work best for you. No two properties are the same, and each one will offer unique component to help with your decision. A townhouse vs apartment will offer slightly different amenities, but overall your current needs must be considered.

Some information to think about is how much space you will need, your desire for a lawn, as well as the community you hope to join.

In Fort Wayne, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments offers a variety of floorplans for both townhomes and apartments to suit your needs, as well as all the amenities to embrace the easy life.

Contact us today to tour of one of our spacious apartments or townhomes and discover the home of your dreams.