Sometimes It Just Happens: How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors in an Apartment

how to deal with noisy neighbors

how to deal with noisy neighborsHaving noisy neighbors is awful and at some point in your life, there’s a chance you’ll encounter it. We all get annoyed with our neighbor’s noise every now and then, but when it’s constant it can become a big problem.

Not only are noisy neighbors irritating, but it can also have a negative impact on your health. It can raise your stress levels and have an impact on your physical and mental health.

If you’re wondering how to deal with noisy neighbors, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our tips for dealing with noisy neighbors in an apartment.

1. Talk to Them

The first step to dealing with a noisy neighbor problem is to talk with them about the noise. Find a quiet time through the day and try to get them somewhere public. This can be by the mailbox, parking lot, or common areas.

Politely ask them if they can keep the noise down in a reasonable manner. Try not to accuse them or berate them and offer a solution to the problem. For most people, this is a very effective way to solve the issue. Most of the time, the neighbor isn’t aware of the issue and will make an effort to keep it down.

2. Try to Block it Out

Sometimes, noisy neighbors don’t listen or forget to keep the noise down. Also, some apartments have thin walls and don’t block out noise well.

You can try to block out the noise yourself. A fan or white noise machine can do a great job of masking the noise and help block it out. Ear plugs are also super effective and will help you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

This isn’t a good long term solution as you shouldn’t have to do that every night. But it works for those nights when it’s too late or the wrong moment to confront your neighbor.

3. Check Yourself

Before you get too mad at your neighbor, take a moment to check yourself as a neighbor. Do you make too much noise at weird times of day? Do you blast your music too loud or run the vacuum late at night?

If you don’t know how loud these things are, step outside and see how loud they are from there. If the noises you make are too much, your neighbors may not be the cause of the problem.

They could be noisy because you make too much noise too. If you confront them, they can turn the exact same argument on you and nothing will get solved.

4. Don’t Write a Note

None of us are a fan of confrontation but in these situations, a face to face conversation is the best way to do it. Avoid the note under the door at all costs. Notes, whether they’re written on paper or as an email or text, are easy to misinterpret. There’s no tone of voice, body language, or facial expressions to read.

It’s a hostile way to communicate and isn’t likely to lead to a productive resolution. It may make the tension between your neighbor worse and won’t solve the issue.

5. File a Noise Complaint

When you’ve tried it all and still have a noisy neighbor problem, you may have to file a complaint.

A third party could help you come to a resolution. Contact your leasing office and let them know about the issue so they can try to solve it. If this doesn’t work, contact your local non-emergency service and they can try to help. This is very much a last resort option and we hope that you never need to do it.

This is How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

Noisy neighbors are an awful problem to have and when it’s constant, it can get you down. If you’re wondering how to deal with noisy neighbors, these are the best ways to do it.

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Be a Good Neighbor: 5 Unspoken Apartment Rules for the New Tenant

apartment rules

apartment rulesLiving in an apartment community has its advantages. Find one with all the amenities you want and you may never want to leave.

One downside to apartment living though is having a neighbor who doesn’t follow the spoken and unspoken apartment rules. Oftentimes people don’t know their behavior is a nuisance to their neighbors. Some get so comfortable they forget there are people on the other side of the wall.

Before signing a lease on an apartment visit the community on different days and at different times. It will tell you a lot about the people that live there.

Keep reading for five unspoken rules new tenants should follow if they want to be a good neighbor.

1. Not Blasting Your Music

Whether you’re in your apartment or driving through the parking lot, blasting music is a no-no. People have different tastes in music and what some may love others will hate. Plus, it’s just good manners to be considerate of the other people in your community.

Before moving in ask if “quiet time” applies and if it is specified in an apartment policy. If listening to music well into the night is your thing, consider investing in some good headphones.

2. Parking Wars are Real

Assigned parking is a popular amenity for apartment dwellers. Some apartment rules and regulations dictate where residents can park and specified guest parking. Don’t start a parking war by parking in someone’s designated space.

If someone parks in your space go to guest parking before trying to determine whose car is in your spot. Choosing to park in another reserved space will only set-off a domino effect.

Ensure your guests are parking in designated areas. Some communities have tow trucks on standby to deal with rule breakers.

3. People Downstairs Can Hear Your Every Move

Living on the top level is a choice some people choose. What they may not realize however is that their floor is someone else’s ceiling and that tenants below them can hear their footsteps and child running around. It is unavoidable, but don’t let it stop you from being mindful.

During the day people are less mindful of day-to-day noise. It is in the late hours when they are trying to rest that sounds are magnified. So walk softly.

4. It’s Not Your Private Pool

Swimming pools are another great amenity. It is also fun to hang out with your guests at the pool. Remember, the pool is a public space and other residents want to enjoy it as well. Rules for apartments typically include codes of conduct for the pool and restrictions on the number of non-residents.

5. Give Your Guest a Curfew

Unlike a private residence, guests of apartment dwellers need a curfew. You do not want your gatherings to disrupt your neighbors. If entertaining is your thing, find a community with a clubhouse.

It’s Time to Move

Now that you know the unspoken apartment rules it’s time to find a place that fits your need. Make a list of your must-haves and schedule some tours.

If you want to live the good life in Fort Wayne, IN, consider making Willow Creek Crossing your home.

You Have a Baby in an Apartment? The Complete Guide to Apartment Living with Kids

apartment living with kids

apartment living with kids

Millions of American families happily live in apartments. The smaller spaces and shorter-term commitments are popular with many. However, if you have children, or are planning to start a family, you may be wondering if living in an apartment with kids is doable. Yes, it is doable, as long as you think about the strategic aspects before you move in. 

Learn about apartment living with kids below.

Look for Family-Friendly Communities

Successful apartment living with kids isn’t all about strategy and well-behaved children. You need to do the research and find an apartment community that is family-friendly. Ask questions before you move in to be sure that the community not only has the amenities you need, but the amenities your kids need.

On-site Playground

When you’re looking for apartments, try to find one that has a kid-approved playground on the property or nearby. So many childhood memories are made sliding down a slide or playing hide and seek in a play structure. 

The outside time is essential for their development as well. Playing outside teaches children teamwork, social skills, and even time management (be back before it gets dark). 

Our playground is kid approved with its choo-choo-train play structures, swings, and high metal slide. On a nice day you’ll find kids swinging around the playground—so encourage your little one to go out and make some friends! 

Swimming Pools

On a hot day in Indiana, nothing makes kids happier than playing outside. It may be too hot to play on the metal play structures, but it’s not too hot to play around in the pool! And we have two pools on site. Neither have lifeguards, so please plan to supervise your children. 

Look for Sidewalks and Open Spaces

Sidewalks around an apartment community are the perfect place to take run, ride a bike, or to take the dog they begged for on a walk. 

Open spaces such as parks are great for tag, throwing a frisbee with their friends, or even flying a kite. 

These spaces are essential in order to give your children a place to be a kid and to give you some quality time with them. 

Find Outside-of-the-Apartment Activities

Kids need to learn skills and be exposed to different social settings to succeed as an adult. If your child needs some play that’s more structured than the playground, look for community activities. 

There are tons of options to entertain little ones nearby. Public recreation centers and even libraries have free or cost-effective programs for kids.

Our community is located near local parks, which are the perfect place to take your kids on a nice day. Bring a picnic or even a book and have the kids entertain themselves. 

Apartment Living with Kids: Make it Yours

By finding a family-friendly apartment community, you can make apartment living with kids work for you.

While you’re doing that, remember to have fun with it. There are a lot of apartment friendly decorations that will make your rented space feel like home.

Let us know if you have further questions or want to schedule a tour.

Keep the Winter Blues at Bay: Top 5 Winter Activities in Fort Wayne

winter activities in Fort Wayne

winter activities in Fort Wayne

Did you know that Fort Wayne is nationally known as an up and coming hipster hot spot? People of all ages are moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana to take advantage of the low cost of living and revitalized downtown district. Fort Wayne offers plenty to do all year round for every age group. From toddlers to senior citizens, every age group will find something fun to do in Fort Wayne, even in the cold winter months. 

You might be tempted to spend this cold Indiana winter hibernating in your apartment, but then you would miss out on some of the best Fort Wayne has to offer. 

Keep reading for a list of the top 5 winter activities in Fort Wayne and kick start your winter fun.

1. Headwaters Park Ice Skating

Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne offers activities for all ages throughout the year. In the winter, Headwaters Park opens an ice skating rink that is a local favorite for a reason. The rink is open from November to March and offers free parking. According to the park’s website, kids ages 13 and under skate for free every Wednesday. Lace up your skates or rent a pair for just $2 and hit the ice!

2. Franke Park Sledding

What better way to enjoy the winter weather than by going sledding? Franke Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana offers free sledding. Locals love the location because of the variety of hills. Adults and children alike can enjoy a simple snow day at no cost. The park also features a playground, hiking trails, and biking trails. There really is something for everyone.

3. SkyZone

Are indoor activities more your cup of tea? Then you and your family should check out SkyZone, an indoor trampoline park and so much more. A huge hit since its opening, SkyZone offers activities for children of different ages including dodge-ball, free-jump, the sky-ladder, and more. Plan ahead and save time by purchasing tickets and signing waivers in advance on their website.

4. Mad Ants Basketball

Children and adults alike are sure to enjoy watching their hometown NBA G League team, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. The Mad Ants play at the Memorial Coliseum and are owned and operated by NBA team the Indiana Pacers. The Mad Ants are in their 10th season and have won their league championship right here in Fort Wayne. Mad Ants tickets begin at just $10.

5. Fort Wayne Komets

One of the most anticipated events in Fort Wayne is the start of the Komets hockey season. The Komets have been part of the community for over 60 years since their first season in 1952. They play in the ECHL as an affiliate of the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche. Kids under 12 seat free with the purchase of an adult ticket on special nights throughout the season. 

There Are Many Winter Activities in Fort Wayne

This list will get you started with 5 awesome winter activities in Fort Wayne, but check out the city calendar for a full list of activities. Don’t waste your winter sitting inside when there are so many things to do in Fort Wayne.

For 5 things to do with kids in Fort Wayne, check out this post on our blog.

If you’re new to Fort Wayne, these ideas are just for you.

5 Spare Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

spare room ideas

spare room ideas

Did your roommate or kids move out? You’ve always wished your apartment had more space in your apartment. Instead of downgrading to a 1 bedroom apartment, now’s your chance to transform that unused room into a useful and exciting space. Revitalizing an unused space is a great way to breathe new life into your apartment, especially when space is a bit tight. This article contains spare room ideas that can help you make the most of an extra bedroom.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas you should consider for turning your spare room into the kind of space you can enjoy rather than just an empty room!

5 Spare Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Use every square inch of your apartment by incorporating these spare room ideas into your decorating.

1. Transform It Into a Library

Do you have loads of books that end of getting wedged into every nook and cranny of your apartment? Books are lovely items that look great when properly displayed. Plus everyone loves reading. Adding library shelving is the perfect way to turn your extra space into a reader’s paradise. Add a small sofa or lounge chair and you’re all set!

2. Transform It Into a Meditation Room

More and more people are discovering the transformative power of meditation. If this is something you’re interested in and have been seeking a place that is quiet and free of distractions, turning an unused space into a meditation room is the perfect plan. Decorate with scented candles, a rug, and a meditation pillow, and you’ll discover your own personal nirvana right there at home! 

3. Transform It Into a Relaxing Family Room

Sometimes all you want is a space where you can relax with your family and let the stress of the world melt away. So consider transforming that spare room into an oasis where you can prop your feet up and enjoy each other. Furnish the space with a comfy couch and chairs, rugs and candles, and perhaps some paintings that remind you of your favorite travel destinations.

4. Transform It Into an Entertainment Room

You don’t need to invest a lot of money to create your own home entertainment room. It’s all about having a space dedicated to enjoying your favorite movies, music, or video games, where you can stretch out and have fun! 

5. Transform It Into a Craft Room

Do you have baskets upon baskets of yarn laying around your living room? Or maybe a sewing machine cabinet taking up valuable space in your bedroom? What about all the paints and canvases taking over your kitchen table? Turning your spare room into a craft room not only gives your yarn, paints, or sewing machine their own space, it also clears up the rest of your apartment space.

Taking Advantage of All Your Space

These spare room ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. There are a million possibilities, and you’re limited only by your imagination. When you’re looking for guest bed ideas or wanting a multifunction bedroom, that’s a great time to let your creativity run wild!

Click here to learn how to set up a small space nursery in your apartment.

A New Apartment for the New Year: 5 Winter Apartment Hunting Tips

apartment hunting

apartment hunting

Is finding an apartment one of your New Year’s resolutions? June, July, and August are the busiest moving months which means there are more options at that time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great place in the middle of Winter. You just have to be a little bit savvier when it comes to apartment hunting. 

To help you learn how to rent an apartment in Winter, keep reading. We’re sharing with you five winter apartment hunting tips. 

1. List Your Top Three Priorities

Since inventory tends to be lower, you may not find an apartment that has everything on your wish list. An easier way to find a new apartment is to list your top three priorities. 

Maybe you want an apartment close to public transportation or comes with its own washer and dryer in the unit. Perhaps you can’t live without having a balcony. Listing your top three options can help you narrow your search. 

Also, knowing when to start looking for apartments is a good idea. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to find exactly what you want.  

2. See if You Can Take Over a Lease

It’s not uncommon for people to need to break their lease. They may have taken a new job, bought a new home, or their family size is increasing. Whatever the reason, breaking a lease happens and it isn’t cheap. Taking over a lease means that you get an apartment and the current tenants get out of their lease without having to pay a hefty fine.

3. Set a Budget, Then Look at Neighborhoods

Before starting your apartment search, the first step should be to create a budget. Then based on that information, you can determine which apartment communities to look at and which ones are above your budget range. Visit apartment websites to view floor plans and prices to see which communities you can afford.

4. Be Flexible

You may get lucky and find a great deal in the apartment of your dreams. But you should also prepare to be a little flexible. The options aren’t as varied as during the Summer months. If you don’t find the exact apartment you’re looking for now, you may be able to move into another apartment in the same community when one becomes available. 

5. Come Prepared

Since there are fewer apartments available in the Winter, there may be greater demand. Coming prepared with all your documents ensures that you end up with the apartment you like the most. Have a list of your past and present landlords, financial information, and your checkbook ready. You can also apply online in many places to be ahead of the game. 

Check Online Testimonials 

If you’re apartment hunting in a new area, you may not have anyone to recommend good apartment buildings to live in. But online reviews are now becoming just as trusted as a referral source as personal referrals are. 

We’re proud of the testimonials we’ve received from our tenants. To view them and see for yourself, click here

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4 Trendy Apartment Amenities that Will Change Renting Forever

apartment amenities

apartment amenities

When it comes to finding the right apartment in your city, you should consider what apartment amenities will come with your new place. Every apartment community is different, based on their location and the different things the property can offer to residents.

What are some of the biggest trends that are changing the way we view apartment communities? Take a look at four of the amenities you should look for on your next apartment hunt.

A Fitness Center

Fitness centers are becoming the new big thing in many apartment communities, taking the quality of it to new heights. This is something you will see a lot of rental properties do next year.

Onsite fitness centers typically include treadmills, free weights, and elliptical or cycling equipment that is free for all residents.

Billiard Room

A billiard room is also a new trend in apartment amenities.

You can spend an afternoon indoors playing a few games of pool regardless of how the weather is outside! This can be a great way to spend time with your family and friends without having to spend a penny.

Our billiard rooms includes a pool table if you feel like racking them up and a ping pong table as well if you want to become the next Forrest Gump of ping pong.

Park with BBQ Grill

A fun and inviting community should be important whether you have a huge family or it’s just you on your own. Our park is a great place to spend the day. Spend time playing on the swingset or reading a book under the tree. Your kids will be able to run around and play without the worry of traffic as you fire up the grill to cook a delicious meal on one of the bbq grills.

If you want a safe area to relax and enjoy the day our parks will have what you need.

Pet-Friendly Apartments

Your furry friends are a part of your family and you shouldn’t have to give them up because an apartment doesn’t allow them on their property. Instead of sending them to the pound or passing them on to a loved one, stay in one of our pet-friendly apartments and keep your pet as a part of the family!

 We do have a few restrictions on which types of dogs are allowed on the property, along with some recommendations of which dogs wouldn’t do well cooped up in apartments. Reach out to us directly if you don’t see your dog on the list and have additional questions.

Which Apartment Amenities Will You Look for When Choosing Your New Place?

Now that you have looked at four of the growing trends in regards to the apartment amenities, which ones stand out to you the most? Comment below and don’t forget to follow our blog here if you want to learn more about renting an apartment.

5 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Fort Wayne

fun things to do with kids in fort wayne

fun things to do with kids in fort wayne

If you’re looking for a day of heart-warming fun with the little ones, look no further than Fort Wayne, Indiana. This medium-sized city is full of local charm, beautiful nature, and family fun. You don’t have to look far to stumble into some adventure in Indiana’s second largest city. No matter what your kiddo is into (history, action, animals) they’ll find it right here.

Whether you’ve got family coming in town or kids to entertain of your own, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 fun things to do with kids in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

1. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Let’s start with a classic: the zoo. Your little one will love wandering through nearly 40 acres of Australian Adventure, African Lions, and the like. Boasting 100 different species within 5 exhibits, you can easily make a day here. There are two different adventure rides, as well as a scenic rail ride to take visitors through the park. You can even feed the giraffes and goats, or go on a pony trail!

2. Science Central

Fort Wayne’s interactive science center is an imagination lover’s paradise. With over 200 permanent exhibits and various national-touring exhibits, even residents visit again. See how the “Earth is brought to life” at the Science on a Sphere exhibit. Or, stroll through different demonstrations to learn about the solar system, weather, and more. If you live in Fort Wayne, you can even become a member!

3. Parkview Field

Take them out to the ball game, take them out to the crowd at Parkview Field. This stadium is the home playing field of the TinCaps, a well-known minor league in the Midwest region. The Parkview that stands today is from 2008, however, the field itself dates back to 1871. It was originally called “The Castle” and it hosted hundreds of future major league teams.

4. Visit the Parks

Fort Wayne boasts a fair amount of green space. Fox Island County Park is one of the prominent outdoor locations, with over 600 acres of parkland. You’ll find a plethora of fishing and hiking trails here, as well as a bird observatory. Salomon Farm Park is equally as interesting to adults as it is children. Learn about 1930’s farm life, a significant era of agriculture and domestic life.

5. Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

Outdoor lovers – rejoice! This list wouldn’t be complete without Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory. TripAdvisor even rates this garden as one of the top places to visit in Fort Wayne. Even in the winter months, you can pack up and head here to enjoy several indoor gardens. We love the tropical garden, filled with breadfruit, coffee, banana, and orange trees!

Looking for things to do with kids in Fort Wayne?

Luckily, Fort Wayne is full of family fun. From parks to escape rooms to chocolate tours, there’s plenty of things to do with kids in Fort Wayne. And heck, the whole family may love it so much, they’ll want to call it home. That’s where we come in. Willow Creek Crossing offers a variety of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments for rent. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facilities!

Damage-Free Decor: Tips for Holiday Decor That Won’t Cost You Your Security Deposit

holiday decor

holiday decor

The last month of the year is a whirl of color, family and friends, winter wonder, and cozy holiday decor. Time to hang up the mistletoe, deck the halls and spread good cheer. But, how do you get into the holiday spirit without damaging your apartment?

Santa leaves coal in the stockings of naughty boys and girls. If you are naughty, your apartment community won’t leave you anything when you move out. You will leave your deposit there!

Read on for our tips for fun, festive and damage-free holiday home decor.

Select a Holiday Decor Style

Are you in favor of a Victorian Christmas look? Or is a Mid-Century modern holiday more your style? All one color or many colors? Candlelight or Vegas-style? Choose a holiday style to personalize your apartment decor. You can add a designer touch with throw pillow covers, table runners, wreaths and candle rings. Lights and other accessories add to the look.

Watch out for visual overload though. Choose your accent colors and patterns with care. Even the largest space can’t accommodate three tapestries, five plaids, and multicolored glitter!

To Tree or Not to Tree

While many apartment communities don’t allow real trees due to fire code, there’s still hope. Artificial trees are a great option for those who want a tree. The bare aluminum Festivus pole need not come to mind (although it would be a fun holiday decoration!). Newer trees come in tall narrow “candle” shapes, half rounds and other shapes to fit any space. Or, a table top tree can be the perfect touch without taking up too much space.

Holiday decor doesn’t always mean a tree though. Garlands and holly are an excellent way to liven up any room. You could also decorate your houseplants by throwing on some garland and ornaments. Just be sure that your plants are pet-safe so your furry friends can enjoy the holiday too.

There are a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes when it comes to decking the halls. 

Lightweight LED String Lights

LED string lights can add just the right amount of sparkle to your holiday home. You can choose string, icicle, net, or curtain lights. They come in an array of colors and lengths. 

Don’t limit lights to just a tree though. Think about windows, doors, and art, too. Some lights also have an option for movement or music. You can go with a soft glow or a full Vegas light show.

Think about battery-operated tea lights to take the place of candle flames. There are even flame-flicker LEDs for safe looks without heat or worrying that you’ll forget to blow them out.

No Nail Removable Hooks and Shelves

These products are lifesavers. Avoid nail damage to your walls and subsequent patching plaster.  Removable damage-free adhesive allows you to hang stockings, lights, garlands, and even the mistletoe without a single hole in the plaster.

Invest in the outdoor hooks or an over the door hook to hang your wreath. You can even create a mock mantlepiece for your stockings with a simple accent shelf. Just take your time in removing the removable wall hooks to prevent paint damage. 

Cozy, Fun and Festive

We hope these holiday decor tips are helpful to you. The holidays are a very special time for friends, family, and community. We hope to see you at our holiday open house this year. 

Keep reading our blog for up-to-date community news and tips.

How to Choose Furniture for Small Spaces

furniture for small spaces

furniture for small spaces

Is it possible to buy furniture for small spaces without making your apartment feel cramped and cluttered? If you’re among the millions of Americans who prefer to downsize, you’ll want to learn quickly. You need to be able to strike the right balance between creating a space that has a natural flow, plenty of room to move without knocking things over, and a warm inviting space.

That can seem like a tall order if you’re operating in a limited space. Read on to learn your best options for furnishing small spaces.

How Will You Use the Space?

Before you start buying furniture, you’re going to want to map out your room. Each room will be used differently and you need to take normal traffic patterns into consideration.

If you have the bed and a couple of small nightstands in the bedroom, will you be able to get up and walk to the bathroom and closet easily?

In the living room, you’ll need to consider where the TV will go and how you plan to get up and moving around to and from the kitchen. Take into account how you’ll flow from the entryway to the living room, too.

That will make it easier to help you determine what size furniture you need to fit your small space and be able to move around with ease.

Get Multifunctional Furniture

The key to making furniture for small spaces work is by taking advantage of every bit of available space. That’s why you want to choose furniture that is multipurpose. For example, a coffee table with drawers can give you added storage space. An ottoman can be an extra seat or storage space. A futon can serve as a bed and a couch, which is great if you plan to have guests.

Use Walls and Corner Spaces

In a tight space, you can utilize the walls and corners of the space you help you get the most out of what you have.

You can hang a mirror opposite a window, which can help brighten a room and make it seem more spacious. In a corner space, a classic corner piece can give you more storage space without adding clutter to your space.

Don’t Go Overboard with Accents

In a small space, you can easily go overboard with accents. You want to strike a nice balance that will add personality to your space without overdoing it. Adding a couple of plants will add color and bring a little nature indoors. You can also add things like accent pillows that can add color to a room and brighten it up. You can use color psychology to strike the right emotional balance in the room.

The Perfect Furniture for Small Spaces

The perfect furniture for small spaces is stylish and functional. You’re able to have a comfortable home that’s warm, inviting, and gives you plenty of room to move.

If you’re downsizing to a smaller place, you’ll quickly learn that it can be fun to furnish a small space and make it your own.

Ready to take the leap? Check out our latest apartment listings now.