Where Are the Best Apartments Fort Wayne Has to Offer?

Apartments fort wayne

Looking for apartments for rent in Fort Wayne, Indiana can be confusing. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you can get overwhelmed by the vast number of available apartment features.

But by focusing on basic comforts and utilities, finding a suitable apartment gets a lot easier. After you establish a basic foundation, you can specify your preferences.

There are plenty of great apartments in Fort Wayne for you. At Willow Creek Crossing’s Apartments, our apartments meet the basic needs of any renting candidate and much more. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite apartments that have satisfied many different types of residents over the years.

The Pullman (1 Bed 1 Bath, 650 Sq FT)

If you’re looking for single-household accommodation with basic amenities, then you’re looking for The Pullman.  This apartment floorplan is perfect for anyone searching for single-household, affordable apartments in Fort Wayne without sacrificing comfort and function.

This apartment has large storage areas in the form of a coat closet in the entryway and a large storage shed for any bulky belongings. The Pullman also comes equipped with a full kitchen setup to satisfy any home cook. It even comes with a dishwasher that will cut down on your water bills and protect the environment.

With a shared laundry area, you won’t have to drive to the laundromat. The apartment also comes with heating and A/C and is pet-friendly.

The Strasburg (2 Bed 1 Bath, 780 Sq FT)

Whether you’re looking for an apartment for a small family or with a roommate, The 2-bedroom Strasburg will set you up for comfort. It’s great for creating years of memories or accommodating those that need short-term housing.

The Strasburg is pet-friendly, which is great for those who want the company of a furry friend. The apartment also comes with a wall unit A/C and baseboard heat and has its own full-size washer/dryer which can save money.

The Strasburg also has a full kitchen area with a dishwasher. Not only that, but The Strasburg has a patio area large enough for some furniture and a few plants. Although your apartment has everything you need, you can step outside in your own private outdoor area for some fresh air.

The Skywatch (3 Bed 2 Bath, 1112 Sq FT)

Need something a little larger? The 3-bedroom Skywatch has all the space and convenience to support a growing family or extra space for a home office.

Like our other floorplans, The Skywatch offers central heating, A/C, and spacious storage areas. These storage spaces come in the form of two coat closets and a second-floor dedicated storage area. It even comes with a shared laundry area to streamline large laundry piles.

The Skywatch is also pet-friendly, so you won’t have to give up the prospect of a furry friend. There’s also a full kitchen and dining area for evening meals together. Last but not least, The Skywatch has a balcony/patio area for those that want an outside view or a space to grow a few plants.

Shorten Your Search for Apartments in Fort Wayne

Finding the perfect apartment in Fort Wayne doesn’t have to be hard. No matter your household size or lifestyle needs, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments has floorplans to suit every renter!

Come into our office or contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our available apartments.

Ready to Be a Renter? These Are the Requirements to Rent an Apartment

requirements to rent an apartment

requirements to rent an apartment

Ready to rent an apartment but not sure what you need to take with you when visiting an apartment community?

If you’re unsure about the requirements to rent an apartment and what documents you’ll need, we’re here to help. As you prepare to go out and search for your next home, be prepared with the documents we’ve listed below.

Proof of Income

You can’t rent an apartment if you can’t pay for it. Bring at least three recent pay stubs to prove you make enough to rent the apartment you’re applying for.

Income affects what apartments are available to you and leasing agents typically want to see that your take-home pay for one month is more than four times what you pay for rent and your annual pay is 40 times your monthly rent.

If you don’t have pay stubs, bring bank statements or your most recent tax return. This will help your apartment community determine if you are financially responsible and have a history of stable income.

You don’t want to rent a new apartment then find out you can’t afford it.


Proof of ID is a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, green card, or passport. You need to legally be able to live there before they give you the lease papers to sign. They also need to make sure that you are who you say you are.

Your property manager also needs your ID to run a background check. A background check for an apartment can show a criminal background check, employment history, eviction history, and a credit check.

You might be asked for a social security number too. Have your number memorized but leave your card at home.

Rental History

Be prepared to write down a list of your past apartments. You’ll need an address, the phone number for the landlord or rental office, how long you lived there, why you left, and what you paid for rent. This information tells the leasing agent if you were a good tenant.

If you’re a first-time renter, gather a list of personal references for a better understanding of your character. Use family, friends, and past or present work colleagues.

Vehicle Registration and Insurance

If you have a car, your landlord may want to know which vehicles on their property belong to renters. Bring your vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Apartment communities work hard to keep their residents safe and may tow a car that’s been sitting in a parking lot if they don’t know who it belongs to. Make sure to let them know of any vehicles so you don’t run the risk of getting towed.


Bring your checkbook when you’re hunting for apartments. There may be a fee to apply for an apartment.

By paying a fee, it means you have an apartment saved for you should your application be accepted. It’s better to pay the fee and apply if you like something you see than to go back and find out that it’s been rented!

Requirements to Rent an Apartment

Now that you know the requirements to rent an apartment, gather all of your necessary documents and start apartment hunting!

There’s plenty more to learn when it comes to being a renter in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Contact us or check out our blog to learn more.

Love Your Apartment: What to Look for in a New Apartment

love your apartment

love your apartment

Did you know that owning your own home can cost way more than renting? That fact is what’s driving more Millennials to rent rather than buy in today’s market.

Renting is a great option for anyone who wants to save money, save time, and save themselves from a long-term commitment.

Are you interested in learning what to look for before getting your first apartment? Read on to learn about the top five crucial aspects to look for in an apartment before you say yes.

1. Location

You know you’ve heard it before — location, location, location! Location is often seen as one of the most important factors surrounding real estate.

Keep this in mind as you’re looking for your new apartment. What factors make up a good location? Consider these factors during your search:

  • How developed is the area around the apartment?
  • What is the neighborhood like?
  • Is delivery an option at the apartment?
  • Does the public bus stop near the community?

Getting a pizza delivered may not seem that important to you now. Despite that, you’ll want to consider it to ensure that you love your future apartment.

2. Resident Activities

Resident activities are a great way to strengthen a community and help residents create bonds. From resident appreciation parties to holiday parties, they are a great way to meet other neighbors as well as the apartment staff.

Getting to know your neighbors means you’ll have someone to turn to nearby if you need to borrow a cup of flour or need someone to bring in your paper if you’re going to be away.

3. Amenities

The next thing you need to consider is the amenities offered at the apartment community. The types of amenities a community offers can enrich your life and well-being. Research whether the apartment offers things like:

  • Laundry rooms
  • A swimming pool
  • Exercise equipment
  • A business center with internet
  • Playgrounds
  • Childcare areas
  • Jogging paths

Start your first apartment checklist and consider the amenities. You’ll want to verify you’ll be able to take care of your needs.

4. Policies and Procedures

Do you have pets? Do you have friends who stay over for weeks at a time?

If so, then you need to review the apartment’s policies and procedures. Make sure you and the leasing office will be comfortable with your lifestyle.

5. Resident Reviews

Finally, it’s a good idea to look at previous resident reviews of the apartment. You can usually find these types of reviews online.

Look for specific red flags like uncooperative management. Repairs that go unfixed are also a major concern. If the reviews make you feel uneasy, then it may be best to choose a different apartment.

Love Your Apartment and Love Your Life

Your apartment is your space. You want it to be as comfortable as possible. If you love your apartment, then you’ll love being at home. If you don’t, then coming home will be something you dread every day.

Are you looking for your first apartment in the Fort Wayne area? Take a tour of the apartments we have for rent at Willow Creek now to see if we’re a good match for you.

The Complete (and Only) Apartment Rental Checklist You’ll Ever Need

rental checklist

rental checklist

Applying for an apartment can feel like applying for a job. Rental agents want to make sure they’re leaving their valuable property in the hands of someone responsible.

Before you show up to apply for a new apartment, make sure you hit every item on the standard rental checklist. Appearing organized and prepared will put you ahead of anyone else looking at the property.

To find out what you need to rent your next apartment, check out the essential rental checklist items below.

What Is a Rental Checklist?

A rental checklist is a physical list of all the documents you may need to sign a lease. It may seem excessive, but apartment communities need to make sure their tenants are respectful and responsible. Here are some of the items that are commonly required.

Financial Statements

Of course, some of the most important documents to bring are financial statements. They prove to the leasing agents that you are a fiscally responsible tenant and they don’t have to worry about your ability to pay the rent on time.

A rental agent needs to see pay stubs to determine if you can afford the apartment. There are both formal and informal rules about the acceptable ratio between salary and rent, usually no more than 30% of the monthly income. They will often ask for more than one pay stub to make sure your income is stable.


There are several forms of identification you need to sign a lease agreement. Make sure to have a few forms of identification, including your social security number. A passport or driver’s license is also necessary. Some stricter communities will ask for proof of residency.

However, make sure to take precautions to avoid rental scams. Never wire or transfer your identification or money unless you know it’s a reputable community.


Although not usually requested, a resume can help provide more evidence of your economic stability. Asking your boss for a letter of employment can also help, and you can copy it and keep it for other needs. As you compile a job history, make sure to compile a rental history as well.

Your rental history should include the length of the lease, how long you stayed, the monthly rent amount, and contact information for the lessors.


Your rental agent may ask for additional recommendations on your behalf. Have these on hand in case they are needed.

When looking for a new apartment, you can also ask for their recommendations or reviews. This interviewing process can go both ways—no one wants to live in a place others don’t.

More Renting Tips and Tricks

Write up your own rental checklist to make sure all your documents are in order as you visit potential apartment communities. This way, you’ll be ready to present all your documentation and sign the lease as soon as possible. The professional demeanor will impress rental agents and give you a leg up over competing potential tenants.

If you’re looking for an apartment to rent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, make sure to give us a call!

Modern Style: How to Design and Furnish a Modern Apartment

modern apartment

modern apartmentDo you love the look of a modern apartment but are clueless on how to design and furnish your space? Continue reading for tips on how to create a sleek, clean, and modern apartment design.

Aspects to Cover in Designing Your Modern Apartment

Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or an apartment townhouse you are moving into, you still need to deal with its design and furnishings. Here are some of the most important aspects you need to cover:

Take Out the Clutter

First, you need to ensure that your apartment is free of clutter. Keep in mind that modern apartments only offer limited space. So you only have room for items that you really need.

Start by going through your things and take note of what you want to keep. Discard those you no longer need. Recycle the items that you can. You can also consider donating them to the Goodwill or other secondhand store. Your goal is to make as much space as you can by keeping only the essentials. Keep it minimal for a modern design.

Texture Matters

Modern apartments usually have a soft, sleek texture. Consider adding a variety including glass and some finished wood to pull off the trick.

You can also throw in some pillow, rugs, and window treatments.

Mind Your Color Schemes

When it comes to colors, you want to come up with distinct schemes. Add some personality in an all-white room with a shade of blue. It will also work if you combine it with some brown accents.

If you want a more minimalistic take, stick to gray. If you want something cozy, use warm brown or golden yellow.

Clean Lines for Furniture

Shopping for furniture? Go for those that come with clean lines. Simple lines and angles will help you maximize your spaces.

These kinds of furniture will also create a sense of flow. Consider going for clear furniture like glass tabletops. This will work well in your dining room or as your coffee table.


Lastly, consider adding a bookshelf to create additional storage and help you reduce clutter.

Apart from storage for your books, you can also use them to place your collections. You can display your toys, pictures, and other memorabilia on those shelves.

Find the Right Apartment, Today!

A modern apartment is like a canvass where you can showcase your creativity. You can put design elements and leave your imprint when it comes to style.

But if you’re still hunting for an apartment, we can help find the right one for you. Contact us today and let us know what you are looking for. We offer apartments in different floorplans for Fort Wayne apartment hunters.

Experience Fort Wayne: Fun Free Things to Do This Summer

things to do in the summer

Looking for some great summer staycation ideas that won’t break the bank? Thankfully, there are lots of things to do in Fort Wayne this summer that are totally free.

Here is out list of top things to do in Fort Wayne this summer.

1. The Old Fort

This historic fort is a great day out for all of the family. It gives you a taste of what Indiana was like in times of yesteryear but it is more than just a wooden building for you to explore.

The Old Fort also plays host to various historical reenactments every weekend including events from the 18th century during the British occupation and the later Civil War era.

Upcoming events include Colonial America on the frontier 1775 – 1783 and Post Miamies 1754 – 1753.

2. Allen County Public Library

This is a great place to keep children entertained while you get lost amongst the books. There is an aquarium and a toddler play area as well as reading nooks for the younger readers and a program of learning events known as Spark which takes place over the summer.

First established in 1895, it is a modern building but of historical significance within the community. There is a genealogy center, which is one of the best for unearthing the records relating to your family history.

3. Hit the Trails

Fort Wayne has around 110 miles of trails that run around all parts of the city. Lace up your sneakers or grab your bike and start exploring. Pack a picnic lunch and stop at one of the many parks along the way to refresh, play frisbee, fly a kite, cool off in the splash pad, or monkey around on the jungle gym.

4. Visit Sweetwater

If you’re a music lover then a visit to Sweetwater must be high on your list of things to do in Indiana. It has the biggest amount of musical instruments available under in one place in the U.S and it is this which regularly draws musicians from all over the county, and even the world, to come and jam with each other.

Even if you don’t play a musical instrument it is still worth going there to hear one of the free shows such as Jazz Jam which takes place on the last Thursday of the month.

5. Enjoy Free Concerts

Not a musician, but love music? Check out free music every Friday at Jefferson Pointe. Their Friday Night’s Live concerts feature local bands playing from 6:30-8:30pm. On Saturday nights in June – August head to the downtown library plaza for Rock the Plaza‘s free concerts from local and regional musicians.

Finding Things to Do in the Summer

With so many things to do, planning a free staycation in Fort Wayne this summer isn’t hard. Enjoy your Summer!

A New Apartment for the New Year: 5 Winter Apartment Hunting Tips

apartment hunting

apartment hunting

Is finding an apartment one of your New Year’s resolutions? June, July, and August are the busiest moving months which means there are more options at that time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great place in the middle of Winter. You just have to be a little bit savvier when it comes to apartment hunting. 

To help you learn how to rent an apartment in Winter, keep reading. We’re sharing with you five winter apartment hunting tips. 

1. List Your Top Three Priorities

Since inventory tends to be lower, you may not find an apartment that has everything on your wish list. An easier way to find a new apartment is to list your top three priorities. 

Maybe you want an apartment close to public transportation or comes with its own washer and dryer in the unit. Perhaps you can’t live without having a balcony. Listing your top three options can help you narrow your search. 

Also, knowing when to start looking for apartments is a good idea. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to find exactly what you want.  

2. See if You Can Take Over a Lease

It’s not uncommon for people to need to break their lease. They may have taken a new job, bought a new home, or their family size is increasing. Whatever the reason, breaking a lease happens and it isn’t cheap. Taking over a lease means that you get an apartment and the current tenants get out of their lease without having to pay a hefty fine.

3. Set a Budget, Then Look at Neighborhoods

Before starting your apartment search, the first step should be to create a budget. Then based on that information, you can determine which apartment communities to look at and which ones are above your budget range. Visit apartment websites to view floor plans and prices to see which communities you can afford.

4. Be Flexible

You may get lucky and find a great deal in the apartment of your dreams. But you should also prepare to be a little flexible. The options aren’t as varied as during the Summer months. If you don’t find the exact apartment you’re looking for now, you may be able to move into another apartment in the same community when one becomes available. 

5. Come Prepared

Since there are fewer apartments available in the Winter, there may be greater demand. Coming prepared with all your documents ensures that you end up with the apartment you like the most. Have a list of your past and present landlords, financial information, and your checkbook ready. You can also apply online in many places to be ahead of the game. 

Check Online Testimonials 

If you’re apartment hunting in a new area, you may not have anyone to recommend good apartment buildings to live in. But online reviews are now becoming just as trusted as a referral source as personal referrals are. 

We’re proud of the testimonials we’ve received from our tenants. To view them and see for yourself, click here

Ready to look at apartments in Fort Wayne at Willow Creek Crossing? Contact us today to schedule a personal tour.


Renting An Apartment: What You Need To Know

renting an apartment

renting an apartment

Whether you’re looking to live on your own for the first time or just want a more cost-effective lifestyle, renting an apartment can be a fun and budget-friendly way to live. But if you’ve never rented an apartment before, you may find the process quite confusing. Not to worry, we’re here to walk you through it. Here’s a rundown of everything you should know about renting an apartment.

Look Online

It’s easier than ever to shop for an apartment thanks to the web. By beginning your apartment search online, you can narrow down your list of potential new apartments within an afternoon. Most apartment websites give you all the information you need. You can even tour apartments online, find out what’s nearby, and fill out a rental application — all without leaving your home.

It is worth noting, however, that online prices aren’t always accurate. To get a more realistic price range, you should contact an apartment community directly — which can easily be done online as well!

Location Matters

As the saying goes, location is everything. Look for an apartment close to where you live, work, shop, and play. Living near where you visit most means a shorter commute and more time to enjoy the things you love to do.

Tour Before You Sign

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it out for a test drive, so why would getting an apartment be any different? After all, an apartment community is so much more than a series of buildings: It’s your new home.

Schedule a tour so you can get a better sense of the community. Pay attention to security, the surrounding neighborhood, distance to the nearest grocery stores and gas stations, and of course, amenities offered.

What You’ll Need When Renting an Apartment

With basic considerations out of the way, let’s take a minute to address what you’ll actually need to apply for your new apartment.

Understandably, you’ll need to fill out and deliver an application to the leasing office. In addition to your application, you’ll need to bring in a few extras such as:

  • An application fee
  • Proof of residency
  • Legal ID
  • Proof of income
  • Rental history

Before bringing in your application, call ahead and make sure you have everything you need.

Should your application be approved, you’ll likely have to pay a safety deposit as well as the first month of rent.

Looking For a New Apartment? Let Us Help

Renting an apartment doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. But, expect to dedicate at least a couple weeks to your search.

If you’re looking for a new apartment, we’d love to show you why Willow Creek Crossing will be a fantastic fit. Schedule your tour today and see everything we have to offer firsthand.

The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Apartment Hunting

apartment hunting

apartment hunting

Apartment hunting is fun when you’re dreaming about the perfect living space, but it’s a lot less romantic when you’re in the throws of it. In fact, it can be a downright stressful experience made worse when you make rookie mistakes.

Take the stress out of it with these five mistakes to avoid to make apartment hunting easier:

1. Not Having Your Paperwork Ready When Apartment Hunting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when actively hunting is failing to have your life, – er, paperwork together. Get your paystubs, bank statements, references, co-signers forms, pet resumes, and anything else a landlord might want together in one place before you start.

2. Not Checking Your Reception

Can you hear me now? There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect place, moving in, and realizing you need to hit the deli three blocks away to get 4G. Keep an eye on your bars as you move through the showing to make sure you don’t become a real life Verizon commercial.

3. Not Making Sure Your Stuff Fits

Grab measurements of the main rooms and compared them with your current place and the furniture in it. There’s nothing like moving house to save money on rent to find out you need to buy a new sofa or wardrobe because you can’t fit it into the room. The same rings true for personal possessions. Look for ample storage space when you view the property.

4. Not Taking Pictures

You’re in charge of maintaining the rental to an acceptable standard. In most cases, you’ll also be liable for damages when you move out. Unleash your inner photography student and take pictures of every inch of the rental on the day you move in. Then, send them to the leasing agent. Taking pictures of the condition of the apartment documents the state in which you received it. If there’s a stain on the wall, the pictures illustrate that it was already there. Those pictures are your proof in the event the landlord tries to charge you for damage that wasn’t your fault.

5. Not Reading the Lease

Most leasing agents use a cut-and-paste lease standard to the renting and real estate industry. As far as the text goes, they’re not about to become the next Hollywood blockbuster. They’re more like a straight-to-DVD kind of deal. But you need to read it anyway.

The lease will include several pages of details, but those details are full of important information. It tells you things like:

  • who is responsible for what payments
  • late fees and interest on rent
  • the length of the lease (and terms)
  • rules for amenities
  • and any rules for renting their house

Reading the lease is the difference between knowing the landlord doesn’t want you to put nails in the wall and being hit with a $1,500 bill when you move out for hanging up your Bowie records collection. Remember, don’t just read the lease – ask questions.

Apartment hunting is an inevitably stressful process for most of us, but it doesn’t need to be like the hunger games. Want to skip the stress entirely? Come visit Willow Creek Crossing Apartments to see how you can live the good life.