Where do You think Highest Rent in the Country is?

At $445.00 a month for a one bedroom apartment, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments here in Fort Wayne, IN, is $786 a month below the national average of about $1,231 per month.

In general, Midwestern towns like Fort Wayne have lower than average rents, so, it may be hard to believe that the US town with the highest priced one bedroom apartments isn’t in New York or San Francisco, but Williston, North Dakota, population 18,532 according to the US Census, but closer to 30,000 if you ask the locals.  Located a few miles South of Canada, and a few miles East of Montana, Williston is in the center of America’s oil boom.  There are good paying jobs there, and plenty of people moving in to take them.  The only problem? Not enough apartments to fill the demand, so the rent goes up.

How far up?

How about $2,400 a month.

That’s’ almost $2,000 a month more than Willow Creek Crossing, but without the two swimming pools and fitness center.

It’s also a lot higher than New York where a one bedroom apartment goes for about $1,500 a month, or LA where it the rent will set you back over $1,400 a month, or Boston where a typical one bedroom runs $1,537 a month.

Paying the rent isn’t fun, but at least you have a great apartment, with lots of amenities, at a price well below what most of America is paying.  And it’s a terrific bargain compared to Williston ND.

Stats provided by Apartments dot com.


This Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love with Your Apartment (Again)

Valentine’s Day ushers in the season of love. How about rekindling some romance with your living space. Here are five ideas that can help you love your apartment.

1. invest in some house plants that can add color and fragrance to your apartment. They also add some responsibility to remember to water them, and to have someone look after them when you go on vacation. While not quite the same, artificial plant arrangements can also add warmth and color to your living space.

2. If you don’t want to add a real flower or plant, how about a painting or lithograph of one, or of anything else that you find stimulating or relaxing. Nice art work in your apartment can transform your apartment, Turn off your TV for awhile and just enjoy looking at the art on your walls. As you know, the artwork itself isn’t very expensive. It’s the frames that cost money. Visit thrift stores and garage sales to find low cost but interesting frames.

3. Again, if you don’t want to add plants and flowers, you can plug in a great scent. In fact today there are so many scents available, you can switch fragrances every week or so. Another good idea is the pay attention to the anti-scents, like that pile of laundry, the garbage or the cat box. A fresh clean fragrance can help you fall in love all over again with your living space.

4. Add lighting. Lighting can be decorative, of course, but it can also give your old place a completely new look. Bright lighting, especially during the darker winter times, can simply make your outlook on things brighter as well. Proper lighting has another design effect. If makes your rooms look larger. And who doesn’t love larger rooms?

5. Now that you’ve added the fragrance and beauty of fresh flowers, the color and look of fine art on your walls, and brightened up your life with more lighting, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your apartment. Valentines Day falls on a Monday this year, and hopefully, you’ll be out celebrating with your own Valentine. But the weekend before Valentines Day would be a great time to cocoon in your apartment, and read a good book. Anyone have any suggestion?

Must Haves for you College Apartment

With Willow Creek Crossing’s large apartments and quick easy access to I-69, we always have a lot of college students living here.   If this is your first year living away from home, consider putting some of these items on your back to school shopping list.


Of course you need a computer, but you may not find a lot room left over for that big tower computer with the giant monitor once you get your books home from the bookstore.  Fortunately, today’s small computers, and laptops are very powerful, and can still power your games while keeping a low space profile.  A laptop can be moved around and even shared with visitors or roommates.

Next, consider is a central charging station for you cell phones, laptops, and tablets.  You won’t last long without recharging  your essential electronic devices, and a central station will save room and let you know quickly where your devices are hiding, while insuring they are always charged.

Another great space creator for any apartment is an e-book reader.  One compactl reader can store tons of books you would otherwise have to store.  Replace bulky bookshelves with an e-reader.

Now two low tech items every good college apartment should have in the kitchen, a toaster oven and a crock pot.  A toaster oven is faster and easier to use to make a frozen dinner or snack, while a crock pot is essential for making easy, healthy meals.  Put a few ingredients into the crock pot in the morning, let is slow cook all day, and have a terrific meal every night. The great food aromas from the crock pot might even cover up the fact you haven’t done the laundry in a while as well.

Now, you tell us.  What items do you think are essential for your college apartment?


Living in 130 square feet of space

We Americans sometimes forget how good we have it.  Here at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, our smallest floor plans offer 650 square feet of living space.  In Europe, living spaces are much smaller, and much more expensive as well.

Click here to see an interesting article about how designers turned a 130 square foot bedroom into its own apartment.   Click here to view our one bedroom 650 square foot unit, the Eastwind, a great one bedroom apartment that is also well designed to make the most of space.


Need an Apartment?

Looking for a one bedroom apartment in Fort Wayne? Willow Creek Crossing has 1 bedroom apartments for rent. Take a tour of the Northern Cross, our featured one bedroom apartment.

View additional apartment tours for one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments at http://willowcreekcrossingapartments.com/WillowCreek/floorplans.htm