Where Are the Best Apartments Fort Wayne Has to Offer?

Apartments fort wayne

Looking for apartments for rent in Fort Wayne, Indiana can be confusing. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you can get overwhelmed by the vast number of available apartment features.

But by focusing on basic comforts and utilities, finding a suitable apartment gets a lot easier. After you establish a basic foundation, you can specify your preferences.

There are plenty of great apartments in Fort Wayne for you. At Willow Creek Crossing’s Apartments, our apartments meet the basic needs of any renting candidate and much more. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite apartments that have satisfied many different types of residents over the years.

The Pullman (1 Bed 1 Bath, 650 Sq FT)

If you’re looking for single-household accommodation with basic amenities, then you’re looking for The Pullman.  This apartment floorplan is perfect for anyone searching for single-household, affordable apartments in Fort Wayne without sacrificing comfort and function.

This apartment has large storage areas in the form of a coat closet in the entryway and a large storage shed for any bulky belongings. The Pullman also comes equipped with a full kitchen setup to satisfy any home cook. It even comes with a dishwasher that will cut down on your water bills and protect the environment.

With a shared laundry area, you won’t have to drive to the laundromat. The apartment also comes with heating and A/C and is pet-friendly.

The Strasburg (2 Bed 1 Bath, 780 Sq FT)

Whether you’re looking for an apartment for a small family or with a roommate, The 2-bedroom Strasburg will set you up for comfort. It’s great for creating years of memories or accommodating those that need short-term housing.

The Strasburg is pet-friendly, which is great for those who want the company of a furry friend. The apartment also comes with a wall unit A/C and baseboard heat and has its own full-size washer/dryer which can save money.

The Strasburg also has a full kitchen area with a dishwasher. Not only that, but The Strasburg has a patio area large enough for some furniture and a few plants. Although your apartment has everything you need, you can step outside in your own private outdoor area for some fresh air.

The Skywatch (3 Bed 2 Bath, 1112 Sq FT)

Need something a little larger? The 3-bedroom Skywatch has all the space and convenience to support a growing family or extra space for a home office.

Like our other floorplans, The Skywatch offers central heating, A/C, and spacious storage areas. These storage spaces come in the form of two coat closets and a second-floor dedicated storage area. It even comes with a shared laundry area to streamline large laundry piles.

The Skywatch is also pet-friendly, so you won’t have to give up the prospect of a furry friend. There’s also a full kitchen and dining area for evening meals together. Last but not least, The Skywatch has a balcony/patio area for those that want an outside view or a space to grow a few plants.

Shorten Your Search for Apartments in Fort Wayne

Finding the perfect apartment in Fort Wayne doesn’t have to be hard. No matter your household size or lifestyle needs, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments has floorplans to suit every renter!

Come into our office or contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our available apartments.

8 Fall Cleaning Tasks to Prepare Your Apartments for the Season

fall apartment cleaning checklist

fall apartment cleaning checklist

When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge or inside your microwave? If you don’t know the answer, it’s time for a little fall cleaning. To help you prepare, we’ve rounded up eight apartment-keeping tips to help make fall cleaning a breeze and get your apartment fresh for fall.

1. Create a Fall Cleaning Checklist

The first thing you should do before you start cleaning your apartment is to make a checklist. Write down everything you’d like to accomplish so you can check it off when you’re done. Anything you think of along the way can be added as you go.

Now is the time to write down all those cleaning projects you’ve been putting off. It’s extra gratifying when you can mark something as done.

2. Do a Fall Cleanse

Fall is a great time to cleanse and purge! Go through all your closets and drawers and donate or toss anything you’re not using anymore. You’ll be amazed at how much extra space you find.

3. Seasonal Cleaning Clothes Rotation

Things are about to get chilly in Indiana. If space is tight, put away and store all your summer clothing. You can put bathing suits, tank tops, and shorts in vacuum bags under your bed.

Bring out your warm bedding and give your winter coats and accessories a wash. Create space by your front door to store hats, gloves, and mittens. Consider adding a coat rack or hall tree if you don’t have one.

4. Take Stock of Your Cleaning Supplies

With everything going on in the world, you may be using more cleaning supplies than usual. Take stock and see what you’re missing. Re-group and stock up for winter.

5. Clean Out Your Fridge and Appliances

It’s a good idea to clean out your refrigerator at least every season. Go through and check expiration dates. Take everything out and wash your shelves and drawers.

Give your microwave and oven a good cleaning as well. Don’t forget your burners and stovetop.

6. Wash Those Windows

Sunlight gets dimmer in the fall and winter. Give your windows a fresh clean so you can maximize sunny days.

Use plenty of window cleaner, microfiber cloth, or paper towels, and get washing. Do the same on your mirrors as well.

7. Dust Your Vents

In the fall and winter, you’ll be using your heat again. Fall is the perfect time to clean your vents.

You can use a duster or a damp cloth. Don’t forget your returns as well.

8. Clean Under Your Furniture

It’s easy to skip vacuuming or sweeping under your furniture on a daily basis. When it’s time for a fall deep clean, move your furniture and rugs so you can clean underneath.

The Best Fall Cleaning Tips

We’ve all been spending a little more time at home these days. With autumn in full swing, it’s time for a good fall cleaning. Follow these cleaning tips and your apartment will be ready for the season.

Are you looking for a new apartment in Fort Wayne? You’ve come to the right place. Fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a leasing professional.

Living Alone or With Roommates? Find Out Which One To Choose

living alone

Considering getting a roommate? Deciding on whether to live alone or to share an apartment is a big decision to make. There are some pros and cons to both living alone and sharing space. The most important part is to understand the pros of each one and determine what’s the right fit for you.

Living Alone

Have you been leaning more towards living alone? Living alone is a wonderful choice for several reasons! Here are some benefits you can expect when you choose to rent an apartment by yourself.

Full Privacy

Living by yourself means full privacy. You can do just about anything in your home without the worry of anyone seeing you or judging you. Want to walk around in your underwear? Go for it! It’s your home.

This also means privacy for phone calls, when you have guests over, and more.

Peace and Quiet

Not having to share your space with anyone else means optimal peace and quiet. You won’t have to worry about someone keeping you up at night with their guests, phone calls, or television. If you want to work from home, read a book, or simply enjoy the sound of the birds chirping in the morning, then you can do so without distractions.

Your Rules

Your apartment means your rules. You decide on how to decorate, where everything goes, what food’s in the refrigerator, what temperature to keep the thermostat on, and more. Although some of these rules might seem minor, they can cause great conflict if two people can’t agree on them.

Living alone means absolutely no compromises.

Living With Roommates

Living with roommates has its advantages as well, however. This might be a better choice for those who want to benefit from the factors listed below.

Split Rent

Splitting an apartment with a roommate also means splitting the rent. This means an easier budget and cheaper living costs for you. Having a two-person income can be truly beneficial, especially when the both of you can decide on how to split everything down the middle!

Safety in Numbers

For some who may feel uncomfortable living alone, living with a roommate might help ease those fears or concerns. There’s safety in numbers and if a situation were to occur where someone’s in trouble, then the other person is there to help.

Constant Companionship

When you live alone, you may feel lonely at times. Living with a roommate allows you constant companionship. You always have someone there to talk to or simply sit beside you even if it’s in absolute silence.

Which is Right for You?

Is living alone or with a roommate the right option for you? There are several pros to each that should be considered before making a final decision.

Once you decide on your living situation, be sure to check out one to three-bedroom apartments or townhomes at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments! Then, fill out your application to get started today. We look forward to you calling Willow Creek Crossing your home.

What Does a Landlord Do? 3 Ways They Help You as a Renter

what does a landlord do

what does a landlord do

About 36% of the nation rents apartments instead of owning. Renting an apartment is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want the permanence, responsibility, or costs of homeownership.

When you rent, you’re living in a community run by a property manager or landlord. But what does a landlord do anyway?

Read on to learn a few landlord tasks that benefit residents.

1. They Take Care of Common Areas

When you live in an apartment community, there are common areas that all residents share. At Willow Creek, this also includes several outdoor amenities such as parking lots, swimming pools, lawns, parks, sidewalks, trees, and more.

If you were to own your own property, you’d be responsible for maintaining all of the parts of your home, indoors and out. Some people enjoy this work, but it does take up a lot of time and money that could be better spent doing other things.

For example, how much time do you really have to spare in order to maintain a well-manicured lawn? If you owned a pool, would you even have the time to clean and maintain it?

Your property management team will take care of that for you. They’ll have professionals keep the common areas looking nice and tidy so you and the other residents can enjoy them.

2. They Handle Maintenance Issues and Requests

Everyone knows that apartment residents are entitled to a safe, clean, and habitable living space in the state of Indiana. That means that your landlord will keep your apartment home well-maintained (though you are responsible for keeping it clean and tidy once you’ve moved in).

When you have a problem in a home that you own, what do you do? Either you fix it yourself (if you’re lucky enough to be handy), or you have to call a professional to come to handle it for you and take care of the cost yourself.

When you rent an apartment, the property owner will take care of it! Contact your property management team when you experience a leak, an appliance breaking, or any other item of rental maintenance need and they’ll send someone out right away to take care of it — at no cost to you!

They also take care of larger maintenance issues and upkeep for the entire community, like the HVAC system and roof repairs. All of this is included in your rent!

3. They Help With Resident Disputes

When you struggle with a neighbor in a standalone home, you’re responsible for self-mediation. Everyone knows that a terrible neighbor can ruin your experience in your home.

Landlords do their best to prevent potential resident disputes. They try to screen for problematic residents before they even move in. If a dispute does happen, and it’s about something serious (such as someone threatening another resident or making a mess in common areas), they’ll handle it.

You deserve to live in peace amongst a community of friendly people!

So What Does a Landlord Do? More Than You Think

So what does a landlord do? They can handle tenant disputes, keep your apartment safe and well-maintained, and make sure that common areas look great. You don’t have to take care of any of it.

Are you ready to move to an apartment community with an attentive landlord? Willow Creek is ready to welcome you. Apply online today.

4 Apartment Organization Tips and Tricks To Store It All Away

apartment organization

apartment organization

Did you know that more than 54% of people have said that they are unorganized and the amount of clutter in their homes makes them feel overwhelmed? If you’re looking for ways to improve your apartment organization, all you need is some tips that make storing your items easier.

There are hacks you can use from the bathroom to the main living room to clear the clutter quicker and ease your mind in the process. Read on now and achieve the clean apartment you’ve been looking forward to.

1. Buy a Bed With Storage

When we get into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one of the places that quickly becomes cluttered is our bedrooms. But, one way to remedy this situation is to buy a bed with extra storage space.

There are several beds you can buy that come with built-in shelving containers that are housed under the bed. Most of the time, these containers come in threes and are either placed on both sides of the bed or at the foot of the bed.

By getting a bed that offers extra storage, you can free up room in your closet for other items you want to store in your bedroom.

2. Use Hanging Baskets

This hack can be used in any room of your place when you’re looking for different ways of organizing an apartment. Hanging baskets or any form of a hook will not only make the most of your space, but it will free up cabinet or closet space for you to place other items.

If you’re looking to hang things like cooking utensils or pots and pans in the kitchen, ensure you’ve selected hooks or hanging baskets that are strong enough to hold the weight of those items. Or you can choose to hang your spice rack over the stove and free up your counter space.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes when you put furniture in a room, the last thing you think about is how it makes the most of the space. If you’re not careful, you could make a room seem smaller than it is.

Before putting furniture into a room, think about the room’s flow. For example, if you have an open-concept living room and it’s connected to the kitchen, you want to avoid setting up your living room in a way that cuts off your living room from the kitchen.

Instead, find a way to place your furniture to add to the room’s flow. By doing this, you’re bringing balance to a room that would otherwise feel cluttered.

The way you arrange your furniture will also have to do with the apartment floor plan of your apartment.

4. Create a Filing System

Another way to organize an apartment is to clear your workspace by using a filing system. A filing system will ensure that you keep the data you need for work protected and where it can be easily found.

It also means you’re not leaving essential documents in places where it can be lost, thrown away, or have something spilled on it.

Apartment Organization: Ways to Get It Done

When it comes to apartment organization, there are several ways to do so. Consider buying hanging hooks or using a filing system to store essential workplace documents.

However you choose to go about it, the first step in organizing an apartment is to move into one. Contact Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, and let us help you find the place you’ll call home.

Home Office Hacks: Tips for Home Offices in Small Spaces

home office hacks

home office hacks

If the long and arduous morning commute is now but a memory, you’re not alone. The pandemic has seen a massive upsurge in working from home, with a recent study from pew research showing that only 20% of those currently using a virtual office did so before.

While the transition for many has been positive, for those with a small apartment, the main challenge has been where and how to set up shop. Need help setting up the perfect spot to work in your apartment? Our home office hacks will set you on the right path to be productive in your smaller space.

Don’t Leave It to Chance

When starting to work remotely it’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing your most comfortable chair and getting on with it. The problem is that not having a designated place to work isn’t good for your mind or your effectiveness.

Although you may have a small apartment, you still have options. Give your home the once over and isolate areas where you can take advantage of unused space. Good options are extra bedrooms, dining room areas, and empty corners where not much is happening.

Areas with natural sunlight should be your primary consideration though, especially as you will be stuck indoors more than usual. Sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm, meaning better sleep at night which in turn will help you be more productive the following morning!

Once isolated, mark out your space with either a small rug, lamp, and desk, or table to let everyone know (including yourself) that you mean business!

Look to the Stars for Storage

You now have your laptop, headphones, stationery, and additional paperwork at home, all prime ingredients for creating clutter in a small apartment. To save your humble abode from looking like you have started hoarding, one of the best home office hacks is to make use of vertical space.

A wall-mounted desk is a great addition to any small apartment home office and a ladder desk takes it to another level. Also, make good use of existing shelving for storage instead of allowing things to accumulate on your desk.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Cables surround us in the office, but due to measures taken, we never seem to notice them. At home, however, it’s easy to find yourself getting tangled up as you work which is an unwelcome distraction as well as loose cables not being the most pleasing to the eye. Are there any home office hacks that can help?

Give your home office a more professional feel by getting your cables in order. Zip ties are inexpensive and can help keep your cables tidy. This is one hack that you should not ignore.

Avoid Sitting All Day

When working at the office or home, it’s easy to sit for long periods of time which can be harmful to your health and productivity. For this reason, one of the most important tips for apartment home offices is related to breaking this cycle. Fort Wayne Office Furniture store, Workspace Solutions, suggests adding stretching into your workday to help fit the effects of sitting disease.

A sit-to-stand desk is also a great way to keep from sitting all day.

Home Office Hacks That Work

Having a great work-from-home set up in your apartment can make all the difference in how effective and efficient you are at work. Applying our home office hacks today and you will begin to see the difference!

If increased time at home has led you to start considering upgrading to a new apartment, then contact Willow Creek Crossing Apartments. With many great amenities and stellar apartments, be sure to check out the best that Fort Wayne has to offer.

Contact us today to arrange a tour.

7 Best Vegetables for Apartment Planter Gardening

In the last few years, it seems like everyone has tried their hand at growing their own food. In fact, 42% of Americans have tested out their green thumbs in the last year. 

Growing your own produce is a pastime with many benefits. Not only do you get to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor, but growing food can reduce anxiety and give you a sense of purpose. 

If you’re an apartment-dweller with a green thumb, you can still get in on the indoor gardening action. There are many vegetables you can grow right in your own space. 

This handy guide covers the seven best vegetables to grow in your apartment, no matter how small it is. 

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is a fast-growing vegetable that does well indoors. It grows fast and is hardy. 

When growing lettuce, make sure you give it plenty of sunshine. It needs at least twelve hours each day. Also, make sure your apartment isn’t too hot or too cold.

2. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are another popular choice for apartment planter gardening. They need a bit more care than lettuce, but they can produce a bountiful crop. 

When gardening in a planter, choose a smaller variety of tomatoes. Keep this plant in the sun for at least twelve hours. 

3. Peppers 

Peppers are a great option for indoor gardening. Keep your peppers in a tall planter. Let the soil get completely dry before you water it again. 

4. Herbs

Most people are very familiar with growing herbs inside. Try planting thyme, and rosemary in containers on a windowsill. Basil, chives, and parsley can withstand less sun as long as they are watered regularly. 

5. Beans 

Beans are a great choice for apartment gardening. If you choose to grow beans inside, make sure to use an LED lamp. This will give your beans the extra light they need to thrive. 

6. Cucumbers 

You can grow cucumbers inside, you’ll just need to use large planters and a support system for the vines. Remember, because these plants are inside they won’t have insects pollinating them. Make sure that you do this yourself to get the vegetables growing. 

7. Potatoes

You can use your potato scraps to make a full potato plant! Cut off a sprouted potato eye and bury it in a large planter with at least five inches of soil on top. Keep adding soil, but in about eight weeks you’ll have your own potatoes. 

How to Garden Indoors

There are a few tips to keep in mind when you grow your vegetables in your apartment. Make sure you are using the right size container with drainage holes. 

Use high-quality soil formulated for inside growing. Once your veggies are potted, make sure they get plenty of sun. Don’t be afraid to invest in an LED light to give your plants an extra boost. 

Create a Vegetable Bounty With Indoor Gardening

Enjoying fresh-grown vegetables can be a reality when you know the ins and outs of indoor gardening. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy fresh, homegrown produce all year round.

Are you looking for an apartment to start your garden in? If so, you’ll love the pet-friendly Willow Creek Crossing Apartments. Contact us today to set up a tour of our available apartments. 

5 Wonderfully Adventurous Things to Do While Still Practicing Social Distancing

adventurous things to do

adventurous things to do

Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to give up on having fun. You can take up a new hobby, travel to your local parks, or give winter sports a try. You’ll be able to find something fun and safe for every season!

Read on to learn about 5 adventurous things to do while practicing social distancing.

1. Grab Your Bike and Go Riding

Take up biking! You can keep your distance from other people when you’re cruising down the road. Tour the countryside or tackle the nearest rocky terrain.

Mountain bikes feature rugged tires and strong brakes. They’re sturdy bikes built for off-roading at your local parks. Strap one to the back of your car the next time you’re hitting the road.

If coasting down long stretches of country roads is your preference, go for a road bike. You can cover a lot of miles and enjoy the scenery. The skinny tires on these bikes keep their weight light!

2. Hiking is One of the Most Adventurous Things to Do

Ready to take on an adventurous trail? Go for a hike at your nearest county or state park to experience nature at close range.

Wander through Turkey Run State Park to take on rugged terrain. From streams to canyons, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an otherworldly space when you’re hiking. You’ll also tone your legs, burn calories, and lower your blood pressure.

3. Learn Yoga

Not all adventures need to be fast and intense. Learning to do yoga is a good way to enhance flexibility, manage arthritis, and ease back pain. You’ll also reduce your stress levels and look more toned.

Best of all, you can do yoga anywhere — and alone. Learn a new pose from the comfort of your home or venture outside to do a downward dog. Yoga builds mindfulness that will help you in anything you do!

4. Climb a Dune

Nothing gets the adrenaline going like running up — or down — a beachside dune. When you’re at the top, you get a panoramic view that’s worthy of a selfie.

Visit Indiana Dunes National Park to dash up Mount Tom, the highest dune. You’ll be out of breath by the time you scale 192 feet of sand. But the view of Lake Michigan at the top will be breathtaking!

5. Go on a Toboggan Run

Sledding down a hill is a great way to experience some fun outdoors during the winter months. But what if you kick that sledding experience up a notch?

Visit Pokagon State Park’s famed toboggan run for an electrifying experience. While the ride lasts less than a minute, you’ll experience drops and dips that make the ride a thrill. It’s the perfect winter activity to add to your bucket list!

Keep the Fun in Your Life

Even when you’re keeping your distance from people, there are plenty of adventurous things to do. Whether you take up mountain biking or hit the slopes, you can keep the fun alive. Look to your local park systems to find inspiration or learn a new skill.

And when you need a comfortable home for relaxing after your adventures, check with us!

5 Reasons to Love Living at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments

Willow Creek

Willow Creek

Have you decided to make Fort Wayne, IN your new home? Well done, you’ve made an excellent choice! Fort Wayne is known for its fantastic quality of life. It also boasts great education and recreation facilities and top-notch accommodation.

Willow Creek Crossing Apartments is the perfect example of the very best of Fort Wayne apartments. It combines beautiful homes with awesome amenities.

Let us show you 5 reasons why you’ll love living at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.

1. Affordable Apartments for All Families

Whether you’re a one-person household or a family with kids, we’ve got the right home for you.

We have three styles of one-bedroom apartments, starting from $600 per month. Two-bedroom apartments start from $670 per month. The three styles available range from 1 to 1.5 bath homes.

Our three-bedroom, two-bath Skywatch apartments feature an open-plan living/dining space. These spacious homes are perfect for families, all for an affordable rent of $850 per month!

All of our homes feature a balcony or patio space to allow you to enjoy the glorious Fort Wayne weather in the warmer months.

A special feature of Willow Creek Crossing Apartments is our range of townhome apartments.

One-bedroom townhomes include a den and have 1.5 baths. Two-bed, three-bed, and four-bed townhomes feature a large basement and from 1.5 to 2.5 baths.

These stylish and comfortable townhomes truly are some of the best apartments in Fort Wayne. Ranging from $795 for a one-bed up to $1165 for a four-bed, they’re exceptional value too.

2. Awesome Amenities

With two swimming pools, a fitness center, and a clubhouse, Willow Creek Crossing feels more like a resort than an apartment complex. Oh, and did we mention tennis and free golf?

Even if sports are not your speed, there are beautiful grounds to walk around. Young ones will be kept busy in the playground. Why not grab a coffee and get to know your neighbors in our friendly clubhouse?

3. Prime Location

Our Southwest Fort Wayne location is perfect for commuters, families, and retirees alike.

It puts you within easy commuting distance of downtown. It’s also just a few minutes away from major Fort Wayne employers, including General Motors. There are lots of schools, shops, medical centers, and restaurants in the local area.

4. Pet-Friendly Community

At Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, pets are welcome. Talk to our team about your pets and any requirements before you move in.

5. On-site Management Team

When you rent an apartment, one of the major bonuses is having someone else maintain it for you.

Our on-site team is available Monday to Saturday to handle routine maintenance requests and any other questions you may have. There is an out-of-hours hotline for any maintenance emergencies that arise.

The grounds are beautifully maintained by our grounds crew. All you need to do is relax and enjoy them!

Find Your New Apartment at Willow Creek Crossing!

There’s no need to keep Googling ‘apartments near me’. With a wide range of apartment styles, there’s a home for every family at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.

Whether you enjoy nothing more than a dip and a set of tennis, or love to mingle in the clubhouse, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Call us at (260) 747-7000 or fill out our contact form to find out more!

Top Apartment Décor Trends for 2022

décor trends

décor trends

As the world moves away from the challenging years of 2020 and 2021, décor trends are heading toward comfort and relaxation. For renters, many options are limited when it comes to home decoration.

However, even if you’re renting somewhere and you can’t change everything about your space, there are little things you can do to make your home a place of comfort whether you’re in a 1-bedroom apartment or a townhome!

1. Bright Patterns

Whether it’s in your bedroom, kitchen, or even your laundry room, bright patterns are a must in 2022. Consider finding throw pillows with big colors and bold designs to make your rooms pop. Perhaps some wall art can make that laundry room just a bit more exciting.

Wherever you decide to get some bright colors going, they are sure to make the space happier and more inviting. As one of the biggest predicted apartment décor trends of 2022, it won’t be hard to find decorations to make it happen.

2. Curvy Furnishings

Gaining traction in 2020, this trend has slowly become more prominent within the interior design world. Curved furniture and decoration are associated with playfulness, softness, and a happy home.

For those renting an apartment, consider wall decorations like round mirrors, circular picture frames, curvy shelving, or go bigger with puffy armchairs or stools. All of these can give your apartment a fuzzy, cozy look in 2022.

3. Nature Accents

In 2022, consider bringing the outdoors into your living room. No, don’t actually bring any wild animals – we’re talking about plants, wood, stone, or leather decorations to make your home feel a bit more natural.

Not only can natural accents spruce up an interior, but plants can actually provide multiple benefits to you and your space:

  • Absorb some toxic substances
  • Increase oxygen levels
  • Decreases stress
  • Reduce indoor dust by 20%

Houseplants and other natural decorations are incredibly easy to transport if you’re renting an apartment. Consider using some natural elements to make you and your space happier.

4. No Curtains

Speaking of nature, another one of the biggest 2022 home décor trends is ditching the curtains. Much like bringing natural elements into the home, this idea is rooted in letting natural light fill up your space and reducing electricity costs.

Not only is this a sustainable trend, but it also allows any space to feel a lot more open. While this might not be a trend for everyone, getting rid of the curtains can give you a great view of nature outside and make the whole apartment feel bigger and brighter.

Live the Good Life With New Décor Trends

At Willow Creek Apartments, we have apartments for everyone’s needs, whether you’re looking to save money by renting or you simply want to downsize. We hope these design tips help make your space feel like home.

Once you’ve explored our floor plans and found an apartment that’s right for you, fill out an application so you can move into your new home and start decorating.

After all, there’s still plenty of time left in 2022, so give these décor trends a try at Willow Creek Apartments!