Recycling Now Available!

apartment recycling

apartment recycling

Recycling Now Available at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments!

In our last newsletter, we included a questionnaire to find out if there was intereinst in beginning a recycling program here at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments. The response was an overwhelming YES!

Willow Creek is pleased to announce that Recycling is now available! The new recycling-only dumpster located in the leasing office parking lot, closest to the tennis court. It is similar to the other on-site receptacles, however this one is marked with various symbols indicating that it is for recyclables only.

What to Recycle:

The items that are permitted to be recycled are:

  • metals
  • cans
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • paper products (brown paper bags, non-confidential office paper, newspapers, and magazines)
  • paper cardboard and juice containers
  • flattened cardboard and paperboard
  • glass bottles and jars

What NOT to Recycle

The following items are not permitted in the recycle-only bin. Please continue to throw these in the regular trash bins:

  • food waste
  • plastic bags including food bags such as bread bags (except the bag that you put your permitted items in)
  • polystyrene foam cups and containers
  • diapers
  • hangers
  • plastic toys
  • mirrors
  • dishes or drinking glasses
  • ceramics
  • pots & pans
  • hardback books
  • food contaminated paper such as greasy¬†pizza boxes
  • tissue
  • toilet paper
  • napkins
  • paper towel

We appreciate all of the input we were given and participation in the new recycling program. We have high hopes for the success of this new project! If you would like more information on what can and cannot be recycled, please see the list on the City of Fort Wayne web site. Even though it is for the one cart recycling program, the same rules apply to our recycling bin.

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