How to Be a Good Apartment Neighbor

how to be a good neighbor

how to be a good neighbor

Just Bein’ Neighborly

Today, September 28, 2015 is National Good Neighbor Day, a day that started back in 1970 as a way to recognize good neighbors who make communities great. At Willow Creek Crossing Apartments in Fort Wayne, we think we have pretty great neighbors! But, like most things in life, there’s always room for improvement. Today, and every day, give a little thought to being a good neighbor. It will improve your day-to-day life — and those around you, too!

So, what makes a good neighbor? Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods says that the following five traits make a good neighbor:

  • Being respectful of personal space or boundaries
  • Being friendly or sociable
  • Offering to help others when needed
  • Taking good care of their property
  • Willing to help other neighbors during a crises

Here are some ways that you too can be a good neighbor!

Common Courtesies

(Yes, they seem obvious — but it can’t hurt to read a reminder, can it?)

  • introduce yourself when you first meet someone and continue to say hello when your paths cross
  • keep in mind shared walls — try to keep loud activities away from them
  • if you’re hosting a gathering, try to keep the noise to a minimum
  • keep your outdoor or shared space clean
  • keep your pets quiet and in control — and clean up after them!
  • follow parking rules and make sure any visitors do as well
  • respect your neighbors space and privacy
  • be tolerant and understanding


Sometimes a situation may arise that requires more than a quick hello. Politely and calmly discuss any concerns that come up with your neighbors as soon as the issue arises. Don’t let it escalate. But also don’t hesitate to involve apartment management if it’s an issue that cannot reasonably be worked out between the two of you.

Of course, there are opportunities for more positive conversations as well… read on!

Help and maybe even Socializing

Ask for assistance when you need it, with little things like:

  • borrowing a tool, a corkscrew, or an ingredient for a recipe
  • carrying in a bulky item from your car
  • taking in mail, newspaper or leaflets from the door if your neighbor will be out of town for a few days

And be willing to return the favor! If further conversation develops, you may find that you have a new workout buddy, sport-watching pal, or babysitter. Bonus!

It’s not too difficult to do these little things. They make you feel good and brighten your neighbor’s day. We are all about a good quality of life here at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments — and we’re glad you are a part of our community!

What to do During June in Fort Wayne, Part I

Father's Day is June 15th
Father’s Day is June 15th

The apartment lifestyle here at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments means having extra time to spend with your family each month.  June in Fort Wayne is packed full of great family events, many of them either very low cost or even free.

Here are just a few things coming up this week.  Here’s a brand new event for the Fort, free live family friendly concerts on the first Wednesday evening of each month this summer.  This week, the entertainment starts at 5pm and continues until 9pm.  There is no cost to enjoy the music, but if you want dinner, some of the Fort’s favorite food trucks will be on hand, and J.K. O’Donnell’s will be hosting a beer tent for adults with a one dollar admission charge.  Next concerts are July 2, then August 6.

Another place to enjoy free music with the family every Friday night all summer long is at Jefferson Point Shopping Center, this week featuring the Junk Yard Band.  The free series continues through September 5th.

There are some non-free concerts of note this week as well, with Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton at the Embassy Thursday, June 5th. And The Guess Who perform at the Foellinger Theatre on Friday June 6th.

Remember that old Opel Kadett or VW you one tooled around in?  If you still have it, or any other European made vehicle, bring it to the 4th annual Eurofest “A Gathering of European Cars” at IPFW on Sunday, June 8th.  Better yet, bring your Mercedes, Porsche, or Jag.  You can learn more by clicking here.

Another free family event this week is Canal Days in New Haven.  Canal Days runs Wednesday through Saturday in Schnelker Park in Downtown New Haven, IN.

Of course, here at Willow Creek Crossing, you can enjoy family time this month, and all summer long at either of our two swimming pools.  And check at the office for details about free golf.

There is plenty more family fun going on in June, so check back here in a couple days for more things to do in Fort Wayne during June.

Play Golf on a Course Laid Out by a Famous Course Designer for Free

Don Ross Golf Club in Fort Wayne, IN, near Willow Creek Crossing Apartments

FREE Golf for Willow Creek Crossing Apartment Residents in Fort Wayne

Donald J Ross designed some of our most famous golf courses, like  Pinehurst No. 2Aronimink Golf ClubSeminole Golf ClubOak Hill, and Inverness Club.  How much do you think it would cost to be able to play a course designed by one of the game’s best designers?

Well, if you live at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, you can play a Don Ross designed golf course for free.

Here’s the deal, if you are a Willow Creek resident over the age of 16, visit the Willow Creek office and get your monthly pass to the Don Ross Golf Club located off of South Calhoun St, just north of Tillman Road, about a four minute drive from Willow Creek Crossing.

Only the front nine of the course was actually designed by Don Ross in 1927.  Ross, who was born in Scotland, as was golf, moved to America early in his life, played in and won a lot of tournaments before he started designing courses.  More national championships have been played on Don Ross designed courses than any other designer.

If you already are a Willow Creek Crossing resident, what are you waiting for.  If you’d like to play free golf on a course designed by a famous golf course designer, then it’s time to consider moving to Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, close to the airport, close to GM, and close to great golf.
Rose Clevenger

Plenty of fun left in April for Residents of Fort Wayne and Willow Creek Crossing Apartments

Spring is a busy time in Fort Wayne.  There really are a lot of things you and the family can do that don’t cost and arm and a leg.

Mark Sunday April 27 on your calendar for two great family events. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo opens for the season on Saturday April 26. On Sunday, April 27, from noon until 3pm, the Zoo is holding an event called Party for the Planet featuring all kinds of activities for kids. You’ll always enjoy a day out at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo voted as one of Indiana’s top attractions.

Also on Sunday April 27th, it’s The Little River Wetlands Project at Eagle Marsh, featuring live hawks and owls from Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rescue. With miles of walking trails and lots of wildlife to discover, Eagle March is a great place to visit on any nice spring day.  Eagle Marsh is nearby at 6801 Engle Road just six miles from Willow Creek Crossing.

Fort Wayne is known as a great minor league sports town.  Of course, the nice spring weather makes you think immediately of baseball, and Parkview Field downtown is the place to be all spring and summer long.  The TinCaps are in town all this week, and again at the end of April.

But, there is still hockey to be played in Fort Wayne.  The Fort Wayne Komets, are as usual, in the ECHL playoffs.  The eighth seed Komets meet the number one seed, Reading Royals with the first two games in Reading.  Game three, four and five (if needed) will be played at the Coliseum on April 24, 25, and 27.  What’s more exciting than playoff hockey?

Apparently, there is still some professional basketball to be played here as well.  The Fort Wayne Mad Ants have won the first round of their D-League Playoffs.  Check their website to learn more about the Ants upcoming playoff schedule.

Apartment Living offers you and your family the extra time to enjoy those things happening in your community, or even right here at Willow Creek Crossing.  Check back with us in a couple of weeks and we’ll update Fort Wayne area activities for May. There’s always a lot of things going on within a few miles of your home in Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.


Think Like a Thief to Protect Your Valuables

Home safety experts agree.  One of the best ways to keep your valuables safe is a home safe preferably one that is bolted to or built into the wall or floor.  Of course, in your Willow Creek Crossing Apartment, you can’t install a safe into your wall or floor.  Still there are things you can do to protect your valuables.

First, think like a thief.  If you were a thief, your primary goal would be to find valuables as quickly as possible and get out.  Enter your apartment, and think, where would I look first for valuables.  Under the mattress, check.  Behind the toilet tank, check.  The bottom of a sock drawer, double check.  These are all the first places a thief would look.  It’s quick, and it’s typical of where people put their valuables.

Another quick and commonly used place to store valuable is behind a picture on the wall.  However, what if you put the valuables between the picture and a cardboard frame behind the picture?  Few thieves take the time to open up all of the pictures.

Few thieves would bother to go through all of the food you keep in your refrigerator either. Foil a thief by wrapping up your valuables in aluminum foil, so they look like just another left over.

If you were a thief, would you spend a lot of time looking through your kid’s room? Probably not, too many things to go through, and very low likelihood of finding something really valuable.  So, hide your valuables in a toy.  It will then just become part of the chaos, hiding in plain site.

If you have a lot of books, the old book safe is a great place to hide things.  Take an old book, cut out a hole in the pages, and put your valuables there.  Certainly thieves know about book safes, but also don’t want to take the time to go through every book on your shelf.

You can hide your things in other common household containers, like coffee cans, or aspirin bottles.  Just remember to let the coffee or aspirin cover over your valuables, and you’ll throw the thief off track.

Here’s another great way to throw off a thief.  Offer up a fake stash of goods.  Put a hundred dollar bill in your sock drawer.  Once a thief believes he’s found your valuables, it’s time for him to move on.  Most thieves will keep searching your apartment until they find valuables, so a fake stash gives them a reason to believe they’ve completed their mission, and they’ll move on.

Remember, if you come up with an idea of where to hide your valuables, a thief has probably come up with the same thought.  They are professionals after all.  So the best solution of all may be a safe deposit box at a nearby bank.  Not always convenient, but always certainly, quite safe.


Life at Willow Creek Crossing Means you have Time to Spend St Patrick’s Day with Your Family

The upcoming spring holidays provide fun activities for families in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.  You might not think of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) as a family holiday, but for the past few years, it has become one thanks to the Fort Wayne Firefighters Go Green Fest.

The fun starts at 9:30 on Saturday, March 15 with the kilts optional 5K Kilt Race through downtown Fort Wayne. The race starts at the corner of Superior and Calhoun streets, and all are welcome to walk or run.

Then on to the Old Well’s Street Bridge at 11am for the annual river greening.  Watch as our fire department dyes the usually brown waters of the St Mary’s River an eco-friendly green in honor of St. Pat.

From 9:30am to 3pm, it’s the Strongman Competition.  Teams push, pull, and lift heavy things like water filled kegs, tires, and more.

While the strong men are being strong, you and the family can party on the Wells Street Corridor.  There’s music, food, Lucky the Leprechaun, eating contests, a kids fun zone and gold coin drop.

After 6pm, it’s time to send the kids home or off to grandmas, and time to party with live bands and cold drinks.

One of the great things about apartment living at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments is that on Saturday, March 15, you don’t have to work in your yard. You can spend the day with your family at the Go Green Fest in downtown Fort Wayne and up along the Well’s Street Corridor.


Where do You think Highest Rent in the Country is?

At $445.00 a month for a one bedroom apartment, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments here in Fort Wayne, IN, is $786 a month below the national average of about $1,231 per month.

In general, Midwestern towns like Fort Wayne have lower than average rents, so, it may be hard to believe that the US town with the highest priced one bedroom apartments isn’t in New York or San Francisco, but Williston, North Dakota, population 18,532 according to the US Census, but closer to 30,000 if you ask the locals.  Located a few miles South of Canada, and a few miles East of Montana, Williston is in the center of America’s oil boom.  There are good paying jobs there, and plenty of people moving in to take them.  The only problem? Not enough apartments to fill the demand, so the rent goes up.

How far up?

How about $2,400 a month.

That’s’ almost $2,000 a month more than Willow Creek Crossing, but without the two swimming pools and fitness center.

It’s also a lot higher than New York where a one bedroom apartment goes for about $1,500 a month, or LA where it the rent will set you back over $1,400 a month, or Boston where a typical one bedroom runs $1,537 a month.

Paying the rent isn’t fun, but at least you have a great apartment, with lots of amenities, at a price well below what most of America is paying.  And it’s a terrific bargain compared to Williston ND.

Stats provided by Apartments dot com.


This Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love with Your Apartment (Again)

Valentine’s Day ushers in the season of love. How about rekindling some romance with your living space. Here are five ideas that can help you love your apartment.

1. invest in some house plants that can add color and fragrance to your apartment. They also add some responsibility to remember to water them, and to have someone look after them when you go on vacation. While not quite the same, artificial plant arrangements can also add warmth and color to your living space.

2. If you don’t want to add a real flower or plant, how about a painting or lithograph of one, or of anything else that you find stimulating or relaxing. Nice art work in your apartment can transform your apartment, Turn off your TV for awhile and just enjoy looking at the art on your walls. As you know, the artwork itself isn’t very expensive. It’s the frames that cost money. Visit thrift stores and garage sales to find low cost but interesting frames.

3. Again, if you don’t want to add plants and flowers, you can plug in a great scent. In fact today there are so many scents available, you can switch fragrances every week or so. Another good idea is the pay attention to the anti-scents, like that pile of laundry, the garbage or the cat box. A fresh clean fragrance can help you fall in love all over again with your living space.

4. Add lighting. Lighting can be decorative, of course, but it can also give your old place a completely new look. Bright lighting, especially during the darker winter times, can simply make your outlook on things brighter as well. Proper lighting has another design effect. If makes your rooms look larger. And who doesn’t love larger rooms?

5. Now that you’ve added the fragrance and beauty of fresh flowers, the color and look of fine art on your walls, and brightened up your life with more lighting, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your apartment. Valentines Day falls on a Monday this year, and hopefully, you’ll be out celebrating with your own Valentine. But the weekend before Valentines Day would be a great time to cocoon in your apartment, and read a good book. Anyone have any suggestion?

Prepare your Patio for Winter

The recent frost on the grass, and one look at the calendar (it is November, after all), tells us that winter will be here soon.  Willow Creek Crossing maintenance people will take care of the community, but there is one area of your apartment you need to take care of yourself.  And, it’s not even in your apartment, but just outside your patio door.  Yes, it’s time to winterize your patio or deck.

Here are a few simple things you can do now that will make things better come spring time.

First, prepare your outdoor plants.  There’s nothing sadder than to go out on your patio on the first nice day of spring and stare at dead plants, especially when with preparation now, you can save those plants through the winter.  Don’t have any plants out there?  Go look, NOW!   When you remember them, it’ll be too late, if it’s not already.

This is a good time to clean and cover your patio furniture as well.  Your furniture will last longer and stay a lot cleaner is protected from the snow and ice of winter.   Remove the covers in May, and you’re ready to go for Summer 2013.

Clean your grill, too.  Don’t let the grease become permanent.  Spray metal parts with vegetable oil, and that will help keep moisture off of them, preventing rust.  You can buy grill and furniture covers at Lowes or Walmart.  If you have a nice grill, they’re worth taking care of.

Take this time as well to just sweep and clean off the summer’s dirt.  You’ll have a fresh clean patio waiting for you in the spring, and will look nicer on a sunny winter day when you open the blinds and start to dream of spring.

If you use your patio exit during the winter, say to walk the dog, you’ll need to keep it clean all season.  Now’s the time to make sure you have sidewalk salt handy, and a broom or shovel to clean off the inevitable snow.  Living in an apartment, you probably threw your old snow shovel away, so head to Lowes or Walmart now and get a nice plastic one that you can put in a corner of your patio, waiting for the first big snow of the season.  The maintenance guys will take care of the sidewalks and parking lots, just another great reason to live in Willow Creek Crossing.

You might also think about winterizing your car.  Make sure you have salt, and a snow scraper. Kitty litter is helpful for getting out of slippery places.

These tips won’t help you avoid winter, but they will make your patio a warm and welcoming place in about six months, when Spring and Summer return to Willow Creek Crossing.


A Movie Called, “The Apartment”

Did you ever come across a movie called “The Apartment?”  No, it’s not a horror movie about missing your rent payment, or dealing with a less than ideal room mate.  In fact, for a movie called, The Apartment, it’s really not much about apartment living at all.

According to IMBd, the movie website, “The Apartment is about  a man who tries to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for trysts, but complications and a romance of his own ensue.”  The best part about this black and white movie from the 1960’s is the outstanding acting from Jack Lemmon, Shirley McLain, and Fred MacMurray.  You’ll be startled by Fred MacMurray’s role if all you ever saw him in was “My Three Sons.”  Fred played a lot of real nasty low lifes in his movie days.

The Apartment won’t give you any insight into why your room mate acts the way he does, but it is a pretty good film.  Not really a movie for the kids, though there is no nudity or bad language.

Watch The Apartment in your apartment for yourself on Saturday afternoon, November 17 at 1:30pm on Turner Classic Movies, or TCM.  Comcast cable channel 26.  Frontier Fios Cable Channel 230.  And on Dish on channel 132.  And, if what you really want to see is a movie about an apartment you can rent, check out the video tour at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.