Summer Kick-Off Open House

summer open house

summer open house

Residents, you’re invited to our Summer Season Kick-Off Open House to get everything you need to enjoy our amenities this Summer!

When: Saturday, May 7, 10-3
Where: Leasing Office

We’ll have free refreshments and plenty of awesome prizes including:

  • Adirondack Chair Sets
  • Golf Package
  • Barbeque Package
  • Pool Package
  • Assorted Door Prizes

You must enter in person on Saturday to win!

Get Ready to Swim and Get Golf Passes & Tennis Court Keys

Barring some unforeseen predicament or bad weather, we plan to open both swimming pools on Memorial Day weekend. You will need to have a Willow Creek Crossing Apartments identification card and the code to the locks on the gates in order to swim. Don’t be stuck outside the gate when you are ready for a dip!

Our office staff will be available Saturday, May 7th, for you to get your Pool Rules Addendum with the new codes to the combination locks on the pool gates. We will also be making identification cards for those residents who don’t have one and answering questions you may have about using the swimming pools. Please note: this will be the only day we will replace lost identification cards at no cost.

Residents listed on your lease application as dependents, who are at least 14 years of age, may be issued an ID to use the pool; however, they must be accompanied to our office with a resident named on the lease agreement who can prove their eligibility.

On Saturday, we will make your golf passes, provide you with tennis court keys and all the information you need to take advantage of your Willow Creek Crossing Apartments amenities!

*Note that keys and lease addendums will only be issued to leaseholders.

We hope to see you there!

Apartment Maintenance

fort wayne apartment maintenance

fort wayne apartment maintenance

It’s time again for our semi-annual smoke alarm battery checks and furnace filter changes. Barring an emergency, we plan to enter everyone’s apartments throughout November. As we perform this seasonal maintenance, we will also be doing a quick inspection of each apartment. Why? During our property inspection in August, we learned that we will need to better monitor the upkeep of our apartments. In the randomly selected apartments that were inspected, we found a number of residents were not requesting essential maintenance service.

Additionally, we learned that furniture and electronics may not be placed in such a way to block egress to windows and doors, or to cause a trip hazard.

As a result of the inspection, we are embarking on a campaign to inform our residents of what they need to do to keep their apartments safe and in good repair. We appreciate your cooperation during this important process.

Please Note:

In addition to checking smoke alarms and changing furnace filters (where applicable), we will be looking at:

Maintenance Issues:

  • Plumbing connections at hot water heaters and washers (where applicable)
  • Missing or broken light switch plates or electric outlet covers
  • Appliances

Housekeeping Issues:

  • Trip hazards – wires or cords strewn about, running across walking paths, etc.
  • Furniture placement – cannot be placed in front of windows/doors, or too close to baseboard heaters (where applicable)
  • Carpet conditions
  • The condition of patio and window blinds
  • Evidence of neglect or hoarding

If we find deficiencies in your apartment, we will leave documentation in your apartment.

First on the schedule will be apartments with furnace filters. Those are apartments on Mill Run Road; East Lawn Drive; 7601 to 7647 Lake ride Drive and Town homes. We will follow with apartments on Lakeridge Drive that have baseboard heaters.

We will post a note on  your door no later than the day before we will be entering your apartment. In preparation, please have the noted areas clear and make sure that all pets are crated, or that you have arrange for someone to be present in the apartment during your scheduled day.

Special Notes:

  • If you purchase a higher grade furnace filter that you want us to install, please leave it in plain slight on your scheduled day.
  • We regret, due to a strict schedule, we cannot perform impromptu maintenance request while we are in your apartment for this special project
  • Due to the scale of this project, we are unable to make appointments.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep Willow Creek Crossing a safe and well-kept apartment community for all of our residents!

Recycling Now Available!

apartment recycling

apartment recycling

Recycling Now Available at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments!

In our last newsletter, we included a questionnaire to find out if there was intereinst in beginning a recycling program here at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments. The response was an overwhelming YES!

Willow Creek is pleased to announce that Recycling is now available! The new recycling-only dumpster located in the leasing office parking lot, closest to the tennis court. It is similar to the other on-site receptacles, however this one is marked with various symbols indicating that it is for recyclables only.

What to Recycle:

The items that are permitted to be recycled are:

  • metals
  • cans
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • paper products (brown paper bags, non-confidential office paper, newspapers, and magazines)
  • paper cardboard and juice containers
  • flattened cardboard and paperboard
  • glass bottles and jars

What NOT to Recycle

The following items are not permitted in the recycle-only bin. Please continue to throw these in the regular trash bins:

  • food waste
  • plastic bags including food bags such as bread bags (except the bag that you put your permitted items in)
  • polystyrene foam cups and containers
  • diapers
  • hangers
  • plastic toys
  • mirrors
  • dishes or drinking glasses
  • ceramics
  • pots & pans
  • hardback books
  • food contaminated paper such as greasy pizza boxes
  • tissue
  • toilet paper
  • napkins
  • paper towel

We appreciate all of the input we were given and participation in the new recycling program. We have high hopes for the success of this new project! If you would like more information on what can and cannot be recycled, please see the list on the City of Fort Wayne web site. Even though it is for the one cart recycling program, the same rules apply to our recycling bin.

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Apartment Pool Opens This Weekend

fort wayne apartment pool opening

fort wayne apartment pool opening

Swimming Pool Opens This Weekend!

Willow Creek Crossing Apartment residents, get ready to suit up. The Lakeridge Drive pool is schedule to be open this Memorial Day weekend! Unfortunately, we are awaiting parts for the Mill Run pool, so it will remain closed. We will keep you posted when it will open.

What You Need to Use the Pool

In order to use the pool, residents will need to have their Willow Creek Crossing Apartments ID, the gate lock code, and will need to read and sign a copy of the pool rules.

Stop by the leasing office by Friday before 6:00pm to sign the pool rules and get the access code for the lock so you’re able to enjoy the pool this weekend.

If you do not have a Willow Creek Crossing ID, you will want to have one made. Residents must have their resident ID with them at the pool and be ready to show our pool attendants when asked.

Who May Use the Pool?

The swimming pools are for the exclusive use and enjoyment of our apartment residents; therefore, guest privileges are limited. ONE guest per adult resident is permitted. Residents must accompany guests at all times. Please note that during periods of heavy attendance, guest privileges may be revoked, as pool capacity is limited by the Health Department. Pool capacity signs are posted at the pools.

Per the Board of Health: You must be at least 14 years old to swim without an adult. Residents aged 14 to 17 may be issued an ID when accompanied to the office by the resident guardian who can verify their age. Note: Residents under the age of 18 may not be responsible for others under the age of 14, unless they show documentation they are certified in water safety instruction, CPR, and first aid.

Regarding babysitters: If you want your babysitter to take household members to the pool, residents will need to accompany the babysitter to the office to get an ID and have a criminal background check ($10 fee).

General Pool Conduct

We ask your understanding in that the rules of conduct for using the pool are set forth by the Fort Wayne / Allen County board of Health and by Sentry Management for your safety while enjoying our pools.

Please read the signs posted at the pool These are the rules set forth by the Board of Health  including:

  • You must wear proper swim attire
  • street clothes are not permitted in the pool
  • diaper-aged children must wear swim diapers
  • diapers may not be changed on the deck

Use of footballs, basketballs, flotation mattresses, or other items that monopolize the pool, disturb other swimmers, or compromise the filtration system are not permitted.

You will receive a full set of pool rules when you come to the office for the new entry code. There is also a set of pool rules included in your resident handbook. Please do NOT give out the combination to other residents and do not let anyone in the pool who does not have a resident ID. If we find the code has been compromised, the combination will be changed and residents will need to return to the office to get the new code.

Officer Tom and Officer Jay will be returning again this year to watch over our pools. The Allen Protection Patrol Service team will be working as well. Please heed instructions from them and leave the pool when it is being closed at the end of the day or if bad weather or maintenance issues occur.

Remember to stop by Willow Creek Crossing Apartments leasing office by Friday, May 22 if you want to use the pool this weekend.

Enjoy the pools and have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!