Play Golf on a Course Laid Out by a Famous Course Designer for Free

Don Ross Golf Club in Fort Wayne, IN, near Willow Creek Crossing Apartments

FREE Golf for Willow Creek Crossing Apartment Residents in Fort Wayne

Donald J Ross designed some of our most famous golf courses, like  Pinehurst No. 2Aronimink Golf ClubSeminole Golf ClubOak Hill, and Inverness Club.  How much do you think it would cost to be able to play a course designed by one of the game’s best designers?

Well, if you live at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, you can play a Don Ross designed golf course for free.

Here’s the deal, if you are a Willow Creek resident over the age of 16, visit the Willow Creek office and get your monthly pass to the Don Ross Golf Club located off of South Calhoun St, just north of Tillman Road, about a four minute drive from Willow Creek Crossing.

Only the front nine of the course was actually designed by Don Ross in 1927.  Ross, who was born in Scotland, as was golf, moved to America early in his life, played in and won a lot of tournaments before he started designing courses.  More national championships have been played on Don Ross designed courses than any other designer.

If you already are a Willow Creek Crossing resident, what are you waiting for.  If you’d like to play free golf on a course designed by a famous golf course designer, then it’s time to consider moving to Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, close to the airport, close to GM, and close to great golf.
Rose Clevenger

Think Like a Thief to Protect Your Valuables

Home safety experts agree.  One of the best ways to keep your valuables safe is a home safe preferably one that is bolted to or built into the wall or floor.  Of course, in your Willow Creek Crossing Apartment, you can’t install a safe into your wall or floor.  Still there are things you can do to protect your valuables.

First, think like a thief.  If you were a thief, your primary goal would be to find valuables as quickly as possible and get out.  Enter your apartment, and think, where would I look first for valuables.  Under the mattress, check.  Behind the toilet tank, check.  The bottom of a sock drawer, double check.  These are all the first places a thief would look.  It’s quick, and it’s typical of where people put their valuables.

Another quick and commonly used place to store valuable is behind a picture on the wall.  However, what if you put the valuables between the picture and a cardboard frame behind the picture?  Few thieves take the time to open up all of the pictures.

Few thieves would bother to go through all of the food you keep in your refrigerator either. Foil a thief by wrapping up your valuables in aluminum foil, so they look like just another left over.

If you were a thief, would you spend a lot of time looking through your kid’s room? Probably not, too many things to go through, and very low likelihood of finding something really valuable.  So, hide your valuables in a toy.  It will then just become part of the chaos, hiding in plain site.

If you have a lot of books, the old book safe is a great place to hide things.  Take an old book, cut out a hole in the pages, and put your valuables there.  Certainly thieves know about book safes, but also don’t want to take the time to go through every book on your shelf.

You can hide your things in other common household containers, like coffee cans, or aspirin bottles.  Just remember to let the coffee or aspirin cover over your valuables, and you’ll throw the thief off track.

Here’s another great way to throw off a thief.  Offer up a fake stash of goods.  Put a hundred dollar bill in your sock drawer.  Once a thief believes he’s found your valuables, it’s time for him to move on.  Most thieves will keep searching your apartment until they find valuables, so a fake stash gives them a reason to believe they’ve completed their mission, and they’ll move on.

Remember, if you come up with an idea of where to hide your valuables, a thief has probably come up with the same thought.  They are professionals after all.  So the best solution of all may be a safe deposit box at a nearby bank.  Not always convenient, but always certainly, quite safe.


Where do You think Highest Rent in the Country is?

At $445.00 a month for a one bedroom apartment, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments here in Fort Wayne, IN, is $786 a month below the national average of about $1,231 per month.

In general, Midwestern towns like Fort Wayne have lower than average rents, so, it may be hard to believe that the US town with the highest priced one bedroom apartments isn’t in New York or San Francisco, but Williston, North Dakota, population 18,532 according to the US Census, but closer to 30,000 if you ask the locals.  Located a few miles South of Canada, and a few miles East of Montana, Williston is in the center of America’s oil boom.  There are good paying jobs there, and plenty of people moving in to take them.  The only problem? Not enough apartments to fill the demand, so the rent goes up.

How far up?

How about $2,400 a month.

That’s’ almost $2,000 a month more than Willow Creek Crossing, but without the two swimming pools and fitness center.

It’s also a lot higher than New York where a one bedroom apartment goes for about $1,500 a month, or LA where it the rent will set you back over $1,400 a month, or Boston where a typical one bedroom runs $1,537 a month.

Paying the rent isn’t fun, but at least you have a great apartment, with lots of amenities, at a price well below what most of America is paying.  And it’s a terrific bargain compared to Williston ND.

Stats provided by Apartments dot com.


All Fun and No Labor for This Upcoming Holiday

One of the great things about living in an apartment community, like Willow Creek Crossing Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN, is that when three day weekends come along, you’re not stuck at home mowing the lawn, cutting back the shrubbery, or doing all those other household projects that keep you from enjoying life with your family.

There are a lot of great things you can do this upcoming Labor Day Weekend, but make plans in advance, or the holiday will pass you by quickly.  Remember that Labor Day is sort of the un-official end of summer, and a lot of the activities listed below will be over shortly, and won’t come back until next summer.

So here are a few events happening over Labor Day Weekend that you might find fun.

First, one of the largest events of the entire year takes place just up the road in Auburn, Indiana, the world famous Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival.  The multi day event starts on Thursday, and runs through Monday.  Click here to go to their website.  Many events, like the parade, are free, while others may cost a few bucks.

And the season is just about over for Fort Wayne’s minor league baseball team, the Tin Caps.  Catch a game Labor Day Weekend, as the Caps host the Great Lake Loons on Saturday (with Fireworks), and Sunday at 7:05pm, and Monday afternoon at 1:05pm. After that, only a couple more home games until next April.  Learn more here.

Another summer event, the Farmer’s Market, will be ending soon as well.  Just a couple more Saturdays left at their downtown venue, the Barr Street Market.

And there are just two more free Friday night free music concerts at Jefferson Pointe.  Labor Day weekend features Rosemary Gates, and the last concert on September 6 ends with Goodnight Gracie.

Of course, you can enjoy the three day holiday weekend by just doing nothing.    Remember, with fall weather on the way, our two pools won’t be open a whole lot longer either, so enjoy them while you can.  Whatever you do, be safe, and please be courteous to your neighbors.



Celebrating Independence Day in Fort Wayne

If this is your first Independence Day Holiday in Fort Wayne, or if you just haven’t paid much attention in the past, you might wonder how we celebrate the nations birthday around here.

The good news about living at Willow Creek Crossing Apartmentsis that here  in Fort Wayne, Indian, there’s a terrific celebration every year held at the IPFW campus.  The unfortunate part about living in Northern Indiana is that the sun stays out forever on July 4th, so the fun doesn’t start until well after ten, which can be hard at times on the small kids, but a big “I get to stay up late” adventure for slightly older kids.

Beginning at 4pm, food vendors will be in full operation in Parking lot 12.The Fireworks are set off from Parking Garage Number Two.  Admission is free, and so is the parking.  Here’s a link to the IPFW campus map.


Protecting Your Internet WiFi Security in an Apartment

You just moved into a new Willow Creek Crossing apartment, and you flip open your laptop to check email before you remember you don’t have any internet service yet.  So, out of curiosity, you click on the network icon and up pops a list of ten or twenty (or more) WiFi networks with useable signals in your apartment.  Huh???

Well, remember, apartments are close together, and if every apartment has its own WiFi router, you’re bound to be able to pick up the signals from next door, upstairs, downstairs, etc.

Of course, if you can pick up theirs, they will be able to pick up yours.

If you try to click on any of these available networks to see if you can connect to the internet through them, you will probably find that most are “secured” and you will see either the initials WEP or WPA next to their names.  In order to borrow their internet, you will need a password.

This security system is usually set up by the internet provider, such as Frontier or Comcast in our area.  If you set up your own apartment WiFi, you have to manually set up this security.  Given a choice, don’t use WEP security.  It’s been around awhile, and isn’t considered secure any long.  Use WPA or better yet, WPA-2 (also called 802.11i standard.)

OK, so you’re a generous person, and you don’t care if someone uses your internet for free?   Consider that if they are using it to download streaming videos, this will slow down your own internet service.  But worse yet, if they are downloading or uploading something illegal, this can be traced back to the person who owns the internet service, which is you.  People who do illegal things on the internet look for opportunities where they can use someone else’s internet service to do their dirty work, so they will go undetected.  You, on the other hand, will have a lot of explaining to do, and will have not way to prove it was your neighbor who was really guilty.

There are other horrible things that people can do to your computer if you leave your network unprotected.  The important thing is, take a few minutes and make sure you are properly set up and using your WPA or WPA-2 security.  If you are secured  now with WEP, change over to WPA or WPA-2 (also called 802.11i standard.) Sure, you’ll have another password to deal with, but that’s just life in the digital age.  You lock your apartment door, and take a key with you when you go out, right?

For more information about internet security in apartments or homes, click here.


Second Arrest Made in Apartment Break In

A second man has been arrested in a string of apartment burglaries that started last fall.

Corey L. Harris, 21,  of the 1000 block of McKinnie Avenue, hasn’t been charged with committing the break ins, but rather with selling items taken during those crimes.

A second man, Devonte M. Hamlet, 20, of the 3500 block of Smith Street, was arrested a few weeks ago and charged with two break ins.

The arrests follow a period of several weeks where little or no crime has been reported at Fort Wayne area apartments.   Police urge residence to continue their vigilance.  If you see any suspicious activity, please report this immediately to the Fort Wayne Police.  If you notice any lights out in the parking lots or hallways, please report those right away to the Willow Creek Crossing management office.

Police are reportedly still looking for at least three others suspects related to the recent break ins.


House Warming Gifts for First Time Apartment Dwellers

Do you know a family member or friend who is just about to move in to Willow Creek Crossing Apartments? What’s an appropriate house-warming gift for someone moving into their first apartment?

One of the great things about living in an apartment is not having to worry about major repairs, like you have to with a house.   Just call maintenance.  But what about the small things, like one of your own appliances, or minor repairs on your car. For these occasional projects, you need basic tools, like a hammer, or allen wrenches.  The Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P 39-Piece Pink General Tool Set on provides all of the basic tools for only $25.00.

One of the best and most used presents I ever received was a big book showing how to fix basic things around the home. Where’s Dad Now That I Need Him?: Surviving Away from Home is a self help book that anyone just starting out on their own needs to have. Again, available from for $16.95. By the way, there’s a companion book, Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?: Surviving Away from Home , also available.  Buy them both!

You don’t think about having to replace a button until you’re in a hurry to get to some important event, and have nothing else to wear.  The Singer 35 Piece Sewing Kit In Storage Box from is a gift for under $8 that will be highly appreciated by anyone living in their first apartment.

A good flashlight is important for when the power goes off, but it’s quite useful to use when trying to plug cables into the back of your TV, sound system or computer, and you need more light.l. The INOVA X5 Dual-Mode UV LED Flashlight with its Titanium body is so cool, you cab just leave it out on the coffee table as a decoration or art piece. Sure, at $36, it’s a little pricey for a flashlight. But it’s way cooler than the $2.99 plastic flashlights you can get at Lowes. Available from, which also has a lot of other cool items.

Here’s a gift you should give to any family member or friend about to move into Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, and you should give them this right now. It’s the Medique 40061 61 Piece First Aid Kit. This is a gift that could save a life, or just seem like a life saver when they’re looking for an aspirin early one morning. $12.99 at Northern Tool.

Don’t worry if you’re the one who’s receiving house-warming gifts because you just moved into Willow Creek Crossing.  Our apartments include a great deal of extra storage room.



Decorating Your apartment for Halloween

Haloween is always a fun time at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.  But, decorating your apartment can be a Trick or Treat” situation.  It’s a “treat” when it looks spooky and helps make your holiday more fun.  But it can be a “trick” if your decorations wind up damaging your apartment and you lose part of your security deposit.   Here are a few ideas that shoulde be all “treats.”


First, focus on window treatments. Replace curtains with inexpensive black, grey or white netting from the fabric shop. You do not need to sew or iron for this decorating tip. If you want a full curtain effect measure the windows from the curtain rod down to the floor and add 1 inch to that number. Then measure the window width, outside edge to outside edge and add 2 inches to that number. Most netting is sold in 45 inch widths. Divide the width by 45 and this is how many “panels” you will need. Each panel will be as long as the length you measured earlier (the first measurement). To determine how much netting you will need, multiply the number of panels by the length. This will give you the total inches needed. Then divide this number by 36. That’s the yardage of 45 inch width fabric needed for your project. Cut the panels into the correct length and drape them over the curtain rod. Add some plastic spiders and small skeletons to the netting for a spooky effect. Get inexpensive clothespins and glue plastic spiders and bugs to them and use them to attach the netting to the curtain rods. This Halloween decorating tip for apartment dwellers will show both inside and on the outside of the unit.

Holiday window clings are great, too.  They add suspense, but don’t create any damage to walls or windows.

Next, add a decorative Haloween lamp to your window display.  A string of orange lights is ok, but discount and holiday stores now sell spooky lamps that decorate both the inside and outside of your apartment.

Next, change out your entrance mat so that you have one that is a Halloween entrance mat. Some mats have a pressure sensitive switch that plays scary music or ghoulish sounds when you step on it. These are inexpensive and fun. They also let you know when someone is at your door.  Use cotton as spider webbing in the entrance area. All you need is a roll of cotton from the pharmacy or first aid section. You do not need to spend a fortune at the Halloween store for this decorating tip. Add plastic bugs from the dollar store and you are set.

What ideas do you have are fun but apartment friendly?


Sign Up to Suit Up… the Pools are Opening!


Barring some unforeseen predicament or bad weather, we plan to open both pools this Memorial Day Weekend, assuming we receive our permits from the Board Of Health.



Here is the process for gaining access to the pools:

You will need to come to the leasing office, sign a new Swimming Pool Rules Addendum, get the new code for the gate locks and a Willow Creek Crossing Identification Card, if you do not already have one.  Residents must have a Willow Creek Crossing ID card whenever they are at the pool.  Identification cards may be issued to residents who are at least 14 years of age and who are listed as residents on the lease application.

If you already have a Willow Creek Crossing ID, you may sign an Addendum and get the pool code at the fitness center between the hours of 6:00p.m. and 9:00p.m.

Pool Hours:   

Effective June 14th:    11:00 a.m. to 7:00p.m.  Monday – Sunday

Temporary Hours until June 14th:    Both pools will open on the weekends through June 12th.  The Mill Run Road pool will be closed on weekdays until June 14th.  The Lakeridge Drive Pool will be open Monday through Friday during office hours.

We are pleased that both our Police Officers who worked with us last summer will be returning this year to keep an eye on the pools.  Officer Tom and Officer Troy will begin their summer with us on June 14th.  Absolute Protection Services will be monitoring the pools on weekends and holidays.  Please cooperate with police and security officers and present your Willow Creek Crossing ID when asked.

In order to enhance safety and discourage trespassers, combination locks are installed at the gates. PLEASE do not give out the combination to other residents and do not let anyone in the pool who does not have a Willow Creek ID.  If we find the code has been compromised, the combination will be changed and you will need to return to the office to get the new code. 

As a reminder, the swimming pools are for the exclusive use and enjoyment of our residents; therefore, guest privileges are limited and rules of conduct will be enforced.  Residents must accompany guests at all times. ONE guest per adult resident is permitted.  Please note that during periods of heavy pool attendance, guest privileges may be revoked, as pool capacity is limited by the Health Department.  Pool capacity signs are posted at the pool.


Very Important and often misunderstood rules:

  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  In other words, kids who are age 14 to 17 may swim without an adult, but they may not be responsible for kids younger than fourteen.  If you have an adult babysitter, please make arrangements for your babysitter to get an ID, so your kids can swim.
  • All swimmers must wear bathing suits.  Street clothes are not permitted, per Board of Health rules.
  • New Board of Health Rule in 2010:  All diaper-aged children need to have plastic pants with tight fitting elastic at the legs and waist, or wear swim diapers.  Do not change diapers poolside.
  • Use of footballs, basketballs, floatation mattresses or other items that monopolize the pool, disturb other swimmers, or compromise the filtration system are not permitted. We ask your understanding in that the rules of conduct for using the pool are set forth by the Fort Wayne/Allen County Board of Health and by Sentry Management for you to safely enjoy our swimming pools.  You will receive a full set of rules when you come to the office for the new entry codes.  There is also a set of pool rules included in your resident handbook.