Local Drives

Part 3 of 3 posts about ways you can enjoy the fall color show our trees throw for us every autumn.  Today, nearby local drives.

The Midwest and particularly Indiana, aren’t known as the most scenic parts of the world, but come fall, any areas that have a lot of trees can be perfect for enjoying the fall foliage show.   There are a couple of nice drives that won’t take you too far away from your home at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.  One such trip runs along the fabled Wabash river.  Take the airport parkway to I-69, and head north.  When you get to the next exit, Take US24 West and head down through Huntington.  Once you go through the commercial area of town, you’ll head down a very large hill.  At the bottom is a traffic signal where US24 makes a right turn, and State Road 9 goes straight ahead.  Stay on State Road 9, go over the Wabash River Bridge, and turn right just after the bridge on to River Road.  River Road is a winding two lane road that follows the Wabash through some scenic country until you get to Andrews, IN.  From there, you can loop back by going north over the Wabash, and then East on US 24.


Another enjoyable local route is State Road One from Fort Wayne to St Joe Indiana.  The bonus on this drive is the covered bridge in Spencerville.  It’s not well marked but not hard to find.  When you come into Spencerville, the road makes a big wide left turn.  Watch for the street signs along the right side of State Road One.  Turn Right on Mill St, and follow that through a local neighborhood, and then across the covered bridge.  Once over the bridge, turn right and you can loop back to State Road One, and get a great view of the bridge at the same time.  Follow State Road One to St. Joe.    Here, the road turns into just another country lane, but if you want to follow it just a little longer, you’ll pass the Sechlar Pickle Factory.  Tours are given during business hours Monday through Friday, and on Saturday Morning.


Finally, don’t forget you can also enjoy the fall foliage by just taking a nice walk along the miles of walkways right inside Willow Creek Crossing.  Now that you don’t have to rake leaves anymore, enjoy the leaves instead, but hurry, this offer ends in just a few weeks when autumn in Indiana abruptly ends, and winter begins.


Do you have some favorite local routes you’d like to share?  Go to Willow Creek Crossing’s Facebook page and post some directions and/or fall foliage photos you’ve taken.


At Willow Creek Crossing, You Don’t have to Rake the Leaves, Just Enjoy Them!

Part One of Three, Michigan

One of the great things about Apartment Living happens in the fall.  While home owners are out raking leaves every weekend, you’re free to take a short trip and actually enjoy the fall leaves in all of the glory.

The Midwest gets a a hard knock for scenery.  Sure, we don’t have oceans or mountains, but we do have trees, if you know where to find them.

If you’re up for a serious road trip, there are several world class fall foliage viewing areas within five or six hours of Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.  Some of the best color viewing occurs in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The UP is about five hours due north, and it’s pretty much Interstates all the way.  You’ll know when you get there because you’ll have to go over one of the world’s longest suspension bridges.

Before you cross the bridge, you might want to stop and visit Mackinac Island.  The local joke here is when a tourist stops to ask “Where’s the bridge to Mackinac Island?”  There is not bridge.  You’ll have to park your vehicle and take a boat.  When you get there, you can rent a bicycle or a horse driven taxi.  There are no motor vehicles on the island.  There’s plenty to see and do, and great fall color you can view best from the bike trail that rims the island.

Shave about an hour off the trip, and head to Traverse City instead.  Take Michigan State Road 72 West to Michigan 22, and turn right.  You’ll head up along Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear State Park.  M22 draws hard core foliage fans from all over the country.

Come back for Part 2, Indiana Foliage trips