Plenty of fun left in April for Residents of Fort Wayne and Willow Creek Crossing Apartments

Spring is a busy time in Fort Wayne.  There really are a lot of things you and the family can do that don’t cost and arm and a leg.

Mark Sunday April 27 on your calendar for two great family events. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo opens for the season on Saturday April 26. On Sunday, April 27, from noon until 3pm, the Zoo is holding an event called Party for the Planet featuring all kinds of activities for kids. You’ll always enjoy a day out at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo voted as one of Indiana’s top attractions.

Also on Sunday April 27th, it’s The Little River Wetlands Project at Eagle Marsh, featuring live hawks and owls from Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rescue. With miles of walking trails and lots of wildlife to discover, Eagle March is a great place to visit on any nice spring day.  Eagle Marsh is nearby at 6801 Engle Road just six miles from Willow Creek Crossing.

Fort Wayne is known as a great minor league sports town.  Of course, the nice spring weather makes you think immediately of baseball, and Parkview Field downtown is the place to be all spring and summer long.  The TinCaps are in town all this week, and again at the end of April.

But, there is still hockey to be played in Fort Wayne.  The Fort Wayne Komets, are as usual, in the ECHL playoffs.  The eighth seed Komets meet the number one seed, Reading Royals with the first two games in Reading.  Game three, four and five (if needed) will be played at the Coliseum on April 24, 25, and 27.  What’s more exciting than playoff hockey?

Apparently, there is still some professional basketball to be played here as well.  The Fort Wayne Mad Ants have won the first round of their D-League Playoffs.  Check their website to learn more about the Ants upcoming playoff schedule.

Apartment Living offers you and your family the extra time to enjoy those things happening in your community, or even right here at Willow Creek Crossing.  Check back with us in a couple of weeks and we’ll update Fort Wayne area activities for May. There’s always a lot of things going on within a few miles of your home in Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.


Think Like a Thief to Protect Your Valuables

Home safety experts agree.  One of the best ways to keep your valuables safe is a home safe preferably one that is bolted to or built into the wall or floor.  Of course, in your Willow Creek Crossing Apartment, you can’t install a safe into your wall or floor.  Still there are things you can do to protect your valuables.

First, think like a thief.  If you were a thief, your primary goal would be to find valuables as quickly as possible and get out.  Enter your apartment, and think, where would I look first for valuables.  Under the mattress, check.  Behind the toilet tank, check.  The bottom of a sock drawer, double check.  These are all the first places a thief would look.  It’s quick, and it’s typical of where people put their valuables.

Another quick and commonly used place to store valuable is behind a picture on the wall.  However, what if you put the valuables between the picture and a cardboard frame behind the picture?  Few thieves take the time to open up all of the pictures.

Few thieves would bother to go through all of the food you keep in your refrigerator either. Foil a thief by wrapping up your valuables in aluminum foil, so they look like just another left over.

If you were a thief, would you spend a lot of time looking through your kid’s room? Probably not, too many things to go through, and very low likelihood of finding something really valuable.  So, hide your valuables in a toy.  It will then just become part of the chaos, hiding in plain site.

If you have a lot of books, the old book safe is a great place to hide things.  Take an old book, cut out a hole in the pages, and put your valuables there.  Certainly thieves know about book safes, but also don’t want to take the time to go through every book on your shelf.

You can hide your things in other common household containers, like coffee cans, or aspirin bottles.  Just remember to let the coffee or aspirin cover over your valuables, and you’ll throw the thief off track.

Here’s another great way to throw off a thief.  Offer up a fake stash of goods.  Put a hundred dollar bill in your sock drawer.  Once a thief believes he’s found your valuables, it’s time for him to move on.  Most thieves will keep searching your apartment until they find valuables, so a fake stash gives them a reason to believe they’ve completed their mission, and they’ll move on.

Remember, if you come up with an idea of where to hide your valuables, a thief has probably come up with the same thought.  They are professionals after all.  So the best solution of all may be a safe deposit box at a nearby bank.  Not always convenient, but always certainly, quite safe.


Life at Willow Creek Crossing Means you have Time to Spend St Patrick’s Day with Your Family

The upcoming spring holidays provide fun activities for families in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.  You might not think of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) as a family holiday, but for the past few years, it has become one thanks to the Fort Wayne Firefighters Go Green Fest.

The fun starts at 9:30 on Saturday, March 15 with the kilts optional 5K Kilt Race through downtown Fort Wayne. The race starts at the corner of Superior and Calhoun streets, and all are welcome to walk or run.

Then on to the Old Well’s Street Bridge at 11am for the annual river greening.  Watch as our fire department dyes the usually brown waters of the St Mary’s River an eco-friendly green in honor of St. Pat.

From 9:30am to 3pm, it’s the Strongman Competition.  Teams push, pull, and lift heavy things like water filled kegs, tires, and more.

While the strong men are being strong, you and the family can party on the Wells Street Corridor.  There’s music, food, Lucky the Leprechaun, eating contests, a kids fun zone and gold coin drop.

After 6pm, it’s time to send the kids home or off to grandmas, and time to party with live bands and cold drinks.

One of the great things about apartment living at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments is that on Saturday, March 15, you don’t have to work in your yard. You can spend the day with your family at the Go Green Fest in downtown Fort Wayne and up along the Well’s Street Corridor.


Local Drives

Part 3 of 3 posts about ways you can enjoy the fall color show our trees throw for us every autumn.  Today, nearby local drives.

The Midwest and particularly Indiana, aren’t known as the most scenic parts of the world, but come fall, any areas that have a lot of trees can be perfect for enjoying the fall foliage show.   There are a couple of nice drives that won’t take you too far away from your home at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.  One such trip runs along the fabled Wabash river.  Take the airport parkway to I-69, and head north.  When you get to the next exit, Take US24 West and head down through Huntington.  Once you go through the commercial area of town, you’ll head down a very large hill.  At the bottom is a traffic signal where US24 makes a right turn, and State Road 9 goes straight ahead.  Stay on State Road 9, go over the Wabash River Bridge, and turn right just after the bridge on to River Road.  River Road is a winding two lane road that follows the Wabash through some scenic country until you get to Andrews, IN.  From there, you can loop back by going north over the Wabash, and then East on US 24.


Another enjoyable local route is State Road One from Fort Wayne to St Joe Indiana.  The bonus on this drive is the covered bridge in Spencerville.  It’s not well marked but not hard to find.  When you come into Spencerville, the road makes a big wide left turn.  Watch for the street signs along the right side of State Road One.  Turn Right on Mill St, and follow that through a local neighborhood, and then across the covered bridge.  Once over the bridge, turn right and you can loop back to State Road One, and get a great view of the bridge at the same time.  Follow State Road One to St. Joe.    Here, the road turns into just another country lane, but if you want to follow it just a little longer, you’ll pass the Sechlar Pickle Factory.  Tours are given during business hours Monday through Friday, and on Saturday Morning.


Finally, don’t forget you can also enjoy the fall foliage by just taking a nice walk along the miles of walkways right inside Willow Creek Crossing.  Now that you don’t have to rake leaves anymore, enjoy the leaves instead, but hurry, this offer ends in just a few weeks when autumn in Indiana abruptly ends, and winter begins.


Do you have some favorite local routes you’d like to share?  Go to Willow Creek Crossing’s Facebook page and post some directions and/or fall foliage photos you’ve taken.


Enjoy the Fall Foliage right here in Indiana

Part three of three posts about day trips you can make to enjoy the splendor of Autumn in the Midwest.

In our last post, we talked about enjoying the fall foliage in Michigan, but you really don’t have to leave Indiana to see some pretty nice fall color.  One of the top places in the country to enjoy foliage is Brown County south of Indianapolis, near Bloomington, Turkey Run State Park, about 65 miles west of Indianapolis, and Clifty Falls Sate Park in Madison.  Another great place to enjoy a fall walk is through any of the Hoosier state’s major colleges, such as Notre Dame in South Bend, Purdue in West Lafayette, and IU in Bloomington.  But you don’t have to go very far to enjoy a fall walk across a nice college campus.  Check out IPFW!  IPFW has grown a lot over the past years, with new buildings, and even a new pedestrian suspension bridge across the St Joseph River.


In part 3 we’ll talk about some nice fall drives not far from your home at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.

Apartments of Famous TV Characters

Where do most famous fictional TV characters call home, especially if they live in New York City?  An apartment, of course.  Many of these apartments appear to be several thousand square feet in size, and would command a staggering amount of rent if they were real.

Let’s see how many of these apartment addresses you recognize mainly from TV shows.

(We’ll post the answers next week)  There’s no prize, but if you get all of these right without using the internet, you seriously need to cut down on the amount of time you watch TV, or, in one case, read comic books.

245 E 73rd Street

129 W 81st Street

40 Bedford Street, Apartments 19 and 20

136 Waverly Place

160 Riverside Drive

3D 344 Clinton Street


Protecting Your Internet WiFi Security in an Apartment

You just moved into a new Willow Creek Crossing apartment, and you flip open your laptop to check email before you remember you don’t have any internet service yet.  So, out of curiosity, you click on the network icon and up pops a list of ten or twenty (or more) WiFi networks with useable signals in your apartment.  Huh???

Well, remember, apartments are close together, and if every apartment has its own WiFi router, you’re bound to be able to pick up the signals from next door, upstairs, downstairs, etc.

Of course, if you can pick up theirs, they will be able to pick up yours.

If you try to click on any of these available networks to see if you can connect to the internet through them, you will probably find that most are “secured” and you will see either the initials WEP or WPA next to their names.  In order to borrow their internet, you will need a password.

This security system is usually set up by the internet provider, such as Frontier or Comcast in our area.  If you set up your own apartment WiFi, you have to manually set up this security.  Given a choice, don’t use WEP security.  It’s been around awhile, and isn’t considered secure any long.  Use WPA or better yet, WPA-2 (also called 802.11i standard.)

OK, so you’re a generous person, and you don’t care if someone uses your internet for free?   Consider that if they are using it to download streaming videos, this will slow down your own internet service.  But worse yet, if they are downloading or uploading something illegal, this can be traced back to the person who owns the internet service, which is you.  People who do illegal things on the internet look for opportunities where they can use someone else’s internet service to do their dirty work, so they will go undetected.  You, on the other hand, will have a lot of explaining to do, and will have not way to prove it was your neighbor who was really guilty.

There are other horrible things that people can do to your computer if you leave your network unprotected.  The important thing is, take a few minutes and make sure you are properly set up and using your WPA or WPA-2 security.  If you are secured  now with WEP, change over to WPA or WPA-2 (also called 802.11i standard.) Sure, you’ll have another password to deal with, but that’s just life in the digital age.  You lock your apartment door, and take a key with you when you go out, right?

For more information about internet security in apartments or homes, click here.


Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in your Apartment

Your apartment probably provides you with enough room for comfortable day to day living.  But, is it big enough for you to invite the entire family over for Thanksgiving Dinner?  Absolutely!  As long you you do a little advance planning.

1.  Make it a buffet.  The most obvious problem is the size of your dining room table.  Spacious enough for four, but what about eight or more?  With a buffet, people can load up on food at your table, then find a comfortable spot elsewhere to enjoy eating it.  You can also set up or create serving tables to allow some family members to still sit at the main table.

2.  Make it a Pot Luck buffet. Even in a house, your kitchen and stove sizes are limited, so if you don’t have enough room to make all the dishes, ask guests to prepare and bring with them some of the side dishes.  This is especially good if you happen to know that one of your guests makes, for example, a terrific potato dish, while another guest knows how to do fantastic things with cranberries (as if that’s possible.)  You then have plenty of room to spread out and concentrate on the main course.

3.  Create more room.  If you do the buffet, do some planning ahead of time to re-deploy your furnishings to make things more comfortable for your guests.  Moving furniture back toward the walls can create a lot more space in your living room.  Do this before everyone show up.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match seating, but try to avoid metal folding chairs if you can.

4.  Plan an activity.  One way to get all of those guests out of the apartment while you’re preparing the meal is to literally, get them out of the apartment.   Send them off on a walk, or set up a touch football game.  This year, more department stores will be open on Thanksgiving than ever before, so send people shopping.  Even Glenbrook Mall is open 10am to 9pm, though Jefferson Pointe is closed.

5.  Plan an After dinner activity.  If you’re apartment won’t hold all the gang comfortably, take the party outside.  Go for a walk, or go to a sports bar where everyone can sit and even enjoy the Lions-Packers football game Thursday afternoon.

The main thing is,  plan ahead.  Start getting ready a day or two ahead of time, and enlist the help of your guests, especially any houseguests you have for the holiday.   With a little preparation and flexibility, any space can be big enough for a great family feast like Thanksgiving.

And while we’re at it, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments is thankful for the hundreds of people who made Willow Creek their home this year.  You will all be in our thoughts and prayers this Thanksgiving holiday.


A Movie Called, “The Apartment”

Did you ever come across a movie called “The Apartment?”  No, it’s not a horror movie about missing your rent payment, or dealing with a less than ideal room mate.  In fact, for a movie called, The Apartment, it’s really not much about apartment living at all.

According to IMBd, the movie website, “The Apartment is about  a man who tries to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for trysts, but complications and a romance of his own ensue.”  The best part about this black and white movie from the 1960’s is the outstanding acting from Jack Lemmon, Shirley McLain, and Fred MacMurray.  You’ll be startled by Fred MacMurray’s role if all you ever saw him in was “My Three Sons.”  Fred played a lot of real nasty low lifes in his movie days.

The Apartment won’t give you any insight into why your room mate acts the way he does, but it is a pretty good film.  Not really a movie for the kids, though there is no nudity or bad language.

Watch The Apartment in your apartment for yourself on Saturday afternoon, November 17 at 1:30pm on Turner Classic Movies, or TCM.  Comcast cable channel 26.  Frontier Fios Cable Channel 230.  And on Dish on channel 132.  And, if what you really want to see is a movie about an apartment you can rent, check out the video tour at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.


February is Resident Appreciation Month!

We love our residents and want to show our appreciation. Instead of Resident Appreciation Day, we’re making the whole month of February Resident Appreciation Month! The Willow Creek Crossing Apartments staff has planned a lot of fun events and tokens of appreciation for you this month!

  • During the month of February we are DOUBLING our referral fees! Receive $400 off your rent when you refer someone in February! (Don’t forget that we will give you an extra $50 if you bring them in on their first visit!)
  • Come into the office to sign up for our Valentine’s Day Basket giveaway! We’ve filled the basket with chocolates, a teddy bear and a $20 gift certificate to Broadview Florist and Greenhouse. One entry per person please. The drawing will happen at the end of our Pizza Party on February 7th. Must be present to win
  • February 1, 2, & 3 – Help yourself to donuts, treats and coffee in our office during regular business hours while you pay your rent!
  • Wednesday, February 7th from 6pm-7:30pm – Join us for a Pizza Party with the Mad Ants! Come enjoy pizza, chips and pop in the clubhouse, meet some of the Mad Ants and shoot hoops with them!
  • Sunday, February 12 at 5:00pm we will be having a Willow Creek Crossing Resident Night at the Mad Ants basketball game! Come in or call the office by Monday, February 6th to reserve the number of tickets that you will need. One parking voucher will be included with your tickets.
  • Tuesday, February 21st from 6:30pm-8pm we will be hosting a Willow Creek Crossing’s Got Talent Cocktail Party! Drinks and hors’devours will be provided.  Age 21+ only for this event. Come support your neighbors and check out their talents! If you have a special interest or talent and would like to show it off, give us a call! Limited space is available. (No animals, please.)
  • Watch for our upcoming Pet Fair & Parade to come this Spring!

We would like to thank our residents for helping to make Willow Creek Crossing Apartments a fun place to live! We’re more than apartments, we’re a community! We hope to see you out for some of these fun events to celebrate YOU!