What to do During June in Fort Wayne, Part I

Father's Day is June 15th
Father’s Day is June 15th

The apartment lifestyle here at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments means having extra time to spend with your family each month.  June in Fort Wayne is packed full of great family events, many of them either very low cost or even free.

Here are just a few things coming up this week.  Here’s a brand new event for the Fort, free live family friendly concerts on the first Wednesday evening of each month this summer.  This week, the entertainment starts at 5pm and continues until 9pm.  There is no cost to enjoy the music, but if you want dinner, some of the Fort’s favorite food trucks will be on hand, and J.K. O’Donnell’s will be hosting a beer tent for adults with a one dollar admission charge.  Next concerts are July 2, then August 6.

Another place to enjoy free music with the family every Friday night all summer long is at Jefferson Point Shopping Center, this week featuring the Junk Yard Band.  The free series continues through September 5th.

There are some non-free concerts of note this week as well, with Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton at the Embassy Thursday, June 5th. And The Guess Who perform at the Foellinger Theatre on Friday June 6th.

Remember that old Opel Kadett or VW you one tooled around in?  If you still have it, or any other European made vehicle, bring it to the 4th annual Eurofest “A Gathering of European Cars” at IPFW on Sunday, June 8th.  Better yet, bring your Mercedes, Porsche, or Jag.  You can learn more by clicking here.

Another free family event this week is Canal Days in New Haven.  Canal Days runs Wednesday through Saturday in Schnelker Park in Downtown New Haven, IN.

Of course, here at Willow Creek Crossing, you can enjoy family time this month, and all summer long at either of our two swimming pools.  And check at the office for details about free golf.

There is plenty more family fun going on in June, so check back here in a couple days for more things to do in Fort Wayne during June.

May is Jam Packed with Fun Family Things-to-do in Fort Wayne

What to do in Fort Wayne

May is an event filled month in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. It’s a great time to be an apartment dweller and have those extra hours in your life that you don’t have when you’re taking care of a house and yard all weekend.

I’ve made a chart of some of the May events, because there are just too many to talk about.  We’ve still got tournament playoff hockey going on with the Komets,  Baseball downtown, two major holidays, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  Major concerts, of course, and even something new to Fort Wayne, the first ever Appleseed Comics and Art Convention, a little bit of ComicCon right here in the Fort.

Or you might want to check out the pets at the Northern Indiana Pet Expo at the Coliseum.  You know, of course, that Willow Creek Crossing Apartments does accept small pets, so this show can help you pick out the small dog or cat that will best fit into your apartment lifestyle.

Don’t forget ongoing things to do, like the Zoo, walking paths, and state parks, like Pokagan just 45 minutes north of town.  And, of course, on May 25th, there’s the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500 in Indy.

Also in May, we celebrate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French on May 5th, 1986.  And since someone asked me the other day when Cinco de Mayo was this year, I will let you know that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5 every year.  And if you’re advance planning for July, July 4th will be celebrated on July 4th again this year.  Have fun.


Day Date Event Place
Thursday 1-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Thursday 1-May Jake Owen Days of God Tour Coliseum
Friday 2-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Friday 2-May 38 Special and Marshal Tucker Band Embassy Theatre
Saturday 3-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Sunday 4-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Thursday 8-May Fort Wayne Komets Playoff Hockey Coliseum
Saturday 10-May Fort Wayne Komets Playoff Hockey Coliseum
Saturday 10-May The Neon Vibe after dark 5K fun-run Coliseum
Sunday 11-May Fort Wayne Komets Playoff Hockey (if needed) Coliseum
Saturday 11-May Northern Indiana Pet Expo Coliseum
Sunday 11-May Mother’s Day Everywhere
Monday 12-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Sunday 12-May Northern Indiana Pet Expo Coliseum
Tuesday 13-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Wednesday 14-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Saturday 17-May Appleseed Comics and Art Convention Grand Wayne Center
Sunday 18-May Gun and Knife Show Coliseum
Thursday 22-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Friday 23-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Saturday 24-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Sunday 25-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Monday 26-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Tuesday 27-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Saturday 31-May Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Parkview Field
Tu-Sunday May Butterfly Effect- Butterfly Exhibit Botanical Conservatory


Willow Creek Crossing Apartments Fort Wayne

Play Golf on a Course Laid Out by a Famous Course Designer for Free

Don Ross Golf Club in Fort Wayne, IN, near Willow Creek Crossing Apartments

FREE Golf for Willow Creek Crossing Apartment Residents in Fort Wayne

Donald J Ross designed some of our most famous golf courses, like  Pinehurst No. 2Aronimink Golf ClubSeminole Golf ClubOak Hill, and Inverness Club.  How much do you think it would cost to be able to play a course designed by one of the game’s best designers?

Well, if you live at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, you can play a Don Ross designed golf course for free.

Here’s the deal, if you are a Willow Creek resident over the age of 16, visit the Willow Creek office and get your monthly pass to the Don Ross Golf Club located off of South Calhoun St, just north of Tillman Road, about a four minute drive from Willow Creek Crossing.

Only the front nine of the course was actually designed by Don Ross in 1927.  Ross, who was born in Scotland, as was golf, moved to America early in his life, played in and won a lot of tournaments before he started designing courses.  More national championships have been played on Don Ross designed courses than any other designer.

If you already are a Willow Creek Crossing resident, what are you waiting for.  If you’d like to play free golf on a course designed by a famous golf course designer, then it’s time to consider moving to Willow Creek Crossing Apartments, close to the airport, close to GM, and close to great golf.
Rose Clevenger

Life at Willow Creek Crossing Means you have Time to Spend St Patrick’s Day with Your Family

The upcoming spring holidays provide fun activities for families in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.  You might not think of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) as a family holiday, but for the past few years, it has become one thanks to the Fort Wayne Firefighters Go Green Fest.

The fun starts at 9:30 on Saturday, March 15 with the kilts optional 5K Kilt Race through downtown Fort Wayne. The race starts at the corner of Superior and Calhoun streets, and all are welcome to walk or run.

Then on to the Old Well’s Street Bridge at 11am for the annual river greening.  Watch as our fire department dyes the usually brown waters of the St Mary’s River an eco-friendly green in honor of St. Pat.

From 9:30am to 3pm, it’s the Strongman Competition.  Teams push, pull, and lift heavy things like water filled kegs, tires, and more.

While the strong men are being strong, you and the family can party on the Wells Street Corridor.  There’s music, food, Lucky the Leprechaun, eating contests, a kids fun zone and gold coin drop.

After 6pm, it’s time to send the kids home or off to grandmas, and time to party with live bands and cold drinks.

One of the great things about apartment living at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments is that on Saturday, March 15, you don’t have to work in your yard. You can spend the day with your family at the Go Green Fest in downtown Fort Wayne and up along the Well’s Street Corridor.


You can call it a Flat, a Maisonette, or even a Kommunalka, but at Willow Creek Crossing, We Call it Home

No Matter What You Call it, We Call Our Fort Wayne Apartment Community Home!

Around the world, people use several different names for what we commonly call an apartment..

While the American term apartment is becoming more common, people in many English speaking countries often call their rented housing unit a flat.  Even here in the US, the term flat is often used in large cities to describe an apartment that’s all on one level.

In Scotland, they call it a tenement, which was the first name for American apartments in large cities.  The name tenement has a negative connotation because early tenements often had no heat, or running water.  The first tenements were single family homes broken up into private rooms to offer housing for the large crush of immigrants entering the country at that time. Renters  then had few choices about the type of home they could afford or even find for their families.

Down under, in Australia, they still call rented housing units a flats, but the term apartment is becoming more common there today. In France, you may hear the term maisonette, or small home, when someone refers to an apartment usually with two floors and an internal stair case.

In Russia, a “communal apartment,” or Kommunalka is a private room with a kitchen and bath you shared with other tenants. These were more common following the Russian Revolution in 1917 when the government seized the estates of the rich and turned them into communal housing, but still exist in Russia today.  You might remember the communal apartment in the film “Dr. Zhivago” (Thank you wikipedia for the info.  For more, click here.)

Here at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN, we use conventional American names for our apartments:  One bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and townhome.  Wherever you’re from and whatever term you use, we hope you’ll soon call Willow Creek Crossing home.
Rose Clevenger

Where do You think Highest Rent in the Country is?

At $445.00 a month for a one bedroom apartment, Willow Creek Crossing Apartments here in Fort Wayne, IN, is $786 a month below the national average of about $1,231 per month.

In general, Midwestern towns like Fort Wayne have lower than average rents, so, it may be hard to believe that the US town with the highest priced one bedroom apartments isn’t in New York or San Francisco, but Williston, North Dakota, population 18,532 according to the US Census, but closer to 30,000 if you ask the locals.  Located a few miles South of Canada, and a few miles East of Montana, Williston is in the center of America’s oil boom.  There are good paying jobs there, and plenty of people moving in to take them.  The only problem? Not enough apartments to fill the demand, so the rent goes up.

How far up?

How about $2,400 a month.

That’s’ almost $2,000 a month more than Willow Creek Crossing, but without the two swimming pools and fitness center.

It’s also a lot higher than New York where a one bedroom apartment goes for about $1,500 a month, or LA where it the rent will set you back over $1,400 a month, or Boston where a typical one bedroom runs $1,537 a month.

Paying the rent isn’t fun, but at least you have a great apartment, with lots of amenities, at a price well below what most of America is paying.  And it’s a terrific bargain compared to Williston ND.

Stats provided by Apartments dot com.


Local Drives

Part 3 of 3 posts about ways you can enjoy the fall color show our trees throw for us every autumn.  Today, nearby local drives.

The Midwest and particularly Indiana, aren’t known as the most scenic parts of the world, but come fall, any areas that have a lot of trees can be perfect for enjoying the fall foliage show.   There are a couple of nice drives that won’t take you too far away from your home at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.  One such trip runs along the fabled Wabash river.  Take the airport parkway to I-69, and head north.  When you get to the next exit, Take US24 West and head down through Huntington.  Once you go through the commercial area of town, you’ll head down a very large hill.  At the bottom is a traffic signal where US24 makes a right turn, and State Road 9 goes straight ahead.  Stay on State Road 9, go over the Wabash River Bridge, and turn right just after the bridge on to River Road.  River Road is a winding two lane road that follows the Wabash through some scenic country until you get to Andrews, IN.  From there, you can loop back by going north over the Wabash, and then East on US 24.


Another enjoyable local route is State Road One from Fort Wayne to St Joe Indiana.  The bonus on this drive is the covered bridge in Spencerville.  It’s not well marked but not hard to find.  When you come into Spencerville, the road makes a big wide left turn.  Watch for the street signs along the right side of State Road One.  Turn Right on Mill St, and follow that through a local neighborhood, and then across the covered bridge.  Once over the bridge, turn right and you can loop back to State Road One, and get a great view of the bridge at the same time.  Follow State Road One to St. Joe.    Here, the road turns into just another country lane, but if you want to follow it just a little longer, you’ll pass the Sechlar Pickle Factory.  Tours are given during business hours Monday through Friday, and on Saturday Morning.


Finally, don’t forget you can also enjoy the fall foliage by just taking a nice walk along the miles of walkways right inside Willow Creek Crossing.  Now that you don’t have to rake leaves anymore, enjoy the leaves instead, but hurry, this offer ends in just a few weeks when autumn in Indiana abruptly ends, and winter begins.


Do you have some favorite local routes you’d like to share?  Go to Willow Creek Crossing’s Facebook page and post some directions and/or fall foliage photos you’ve taken.


Enjoy the Fall Foliage right here in Indiana

Part three of three posts about day trips you can make to enjoy the splendor of Autumn in the Midwest.

In our last post, we talked about enjoying the fall foliage in Michigan, but you really don’t have to leave Indiana to see some pretty nice fall color.  One of the top places in the country to enjoy foliage is Brown County south of Indianapolis, near Bloomington, Turkey Run State Park, about 65 miles west of Indianapolis, and Clifty Falls Sate Park in Madison.  Another great place to enjoy a fall walk is through any of the Hoosier state’s major colleges, such as Notre Dame in South Bend, Purdue in West Lafayette, and IU in Bloomington.  But you don’t have to go very far to enjoy a fall walk across a nice college campus.  Check out IPFW!  IPFW has grown a lot over the past years, with new buildings, and even a new pedestrian suspension bridge across the St Joseph River.


In part 3 we’ll talk about some nice fall drives not far from your home at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.

At Willow Creek Crossing, You Don’t have to Rake the Leaves, Just Enjoy Them!

Part One of Three, Michigan

One of the great things about Apartment Living happens in the fall.  While home owners are out raking leaves every weekend, you’re free to take a short trip and actually enjoy the fall leaves in all of the glory.

The Midwest gets a a hard knock for scenery.  Sure, we don’t have oceans or mountains, but we do have trees, if you know where to find them.

If you’re up for a serious road trip, there are several world class fall foliage viewing areas within five or six hours of Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.  Some of the best color viewing occurs in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The UP is about five hours due north, and it’s pretty much Interstates all the way.  You’ll know when you get there because you’ll have to go over one of the world’s longest suspension bridges.

Before you cross the bridge, you might want to stop and visit Mackinac Island.  The local joke here is when a tourist stops to ask “Where’s the bridge to Mackinac Island?”  There is not bridge.  You’ll have to park your vehicle and take a boat.  When you get there, you can rent a bicycle or a horse driven taxi.  There are no motor vehicles on the island.  There’s plenty to see and do, and great fall color you can view best from the bike trail that rims the island.

Shave about an hour off the trip, and head to Traverse City instead.  Take Michigan State Road 72 West to Michigan 22, and turn right.  You’ll head up along Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear State Park.  M22 draws hard core foliage fans from all over the country.

Come back for Part 2, Indiana Foliage trips


All Fun and No Labor for This Upcoming Holiday

One of the great things about living in an apartment community, like Willow Creek Crossing Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN, is that when three day weekends come along, you’re not stuck at home mowing the lawn, cutting back the shrubbery, or doing all those other household projects that keep you from enjoying life with your family.

There are a lot of great things you can do this upcoming Labor Day Weekend, but make plans in advance, or the holiday will pass you by quickly.  Remember that Labor Day is sort of the un-official end of summer, and a lot of the activities listed below will be over shortly, and won’t come back until next summer.

So here are a few events happening over Labor Day Weekend that you might find fun.

First, one of the largest events of the entire year takes place just up the road in Auburn, Indiana, the world famous Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival.  The multi day event starts on Thursday, and runs through Monday.  Click here to go to their website.  Many events, like the parade, are free, while others may cost a few bucks.

And the season is just about over for Fort Wayne’s minor league baseball team, the Tin Caps.  Catch a game Labor Day Weekend, as the Caps host the Great Lake Loons on Saturday (with Fireworks), and Sunday at 7:05pm, and Monday afternoon at 1:05pm. After that, only a couple more home games until next April.  Learn more here.

Another summer event, the Farmer’s Market, will be ending soon as well.  Just a couple more Saturdays left at their downtown venue, the Barr Street Market.

And there are just two more free Friday night free music concerts at Jefferson Pointe.  Labor Day weekend features Rosemary Gates, and the last concert on September 6 ends with Goodnight Gracie.

Of course, you can enjoy the three day holiday weekend by just doing nothing.    Remember, with fall weather on the way, our two pools won’t be open a whole lot longer either, so enjoy them while you can.  Whatever you do, be safe, and please be courteous to your neighbors.