It is the time of year when everyone is eager to decorate for autumn festivities and for the winter holidays.  We invite residents to use and enjoy their seasonal decorations and…in order that your neighbors may also enjoy your ornamentation…we would like to remind you of our decorating guidelines:


  • Please keep your decorations up-to-date and seasonal, and remove them before they get into disarray.  (For example: No squashy pumpkins allowed or Christmas decorations after January 6th!)
  • Decorations may not be permanently attached to the building with nails or screws, nor should they be placed in common areas where they may be damaged by lawn or snow removal crews.
  • Fire Safety Codes do not permit natural, cut Christmas trees in apartments.
  • Decorations or furniture may not be placed in such a way to restrict egress from the building or access to the mail boxes or fire extinguishers.
  • Flammable items may not be placed under the stairwells.


The following policy applies to all your outdoor furnishings, as written in your handbook:

Patios, balconies or entryways shall not be used for the storage of personal property on either a temporary or permanent basis.  Patio furniture, potted plants, porch swings, and other items of furniture or accessories of similar nature are permitted.  All such furnishings shall be in good repair, neat in appearance and in safe operating condition.

Consequently, items like beverage coolers, beer cases, pet cages, mops and broken down furniture, as well as furniture that is designed for indoor use, are not permitted on patios, balconies or entryways.

We appreciate your cooperation!