moving into a new apartment

moving into a new apartment

The first 24 hours that you spend in a new apartment, as well as the planning that goes into moving, are crucial to your remaining time there.

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new apartment and to make the move too quickly. However, before moving into your apartment, there are several important steps that you should take.

Tips for Moving into a New Apartment

The process of moving will depend greatly on your location, as well as your life situation. In the event that this is your first apartment, it is important to proceed with caution as you sign the lease and choose the right one for you.

It is generally a good idea to have an experienced friend or family member help you navigate leasing and touring the apartment and the community. If this is not your first apartment, there still may also be things that you miss.

Here are five easy tips for new or experienced renters to consider when moving into a new apartment.

1. Check the Lease

The very first thing you should do once you sign the lease and confirm a move-in date is to read the rules for your new apartment. These will tell you what you are and are not allowed to do to the apartment. For example, some places may not allow you to paint the walls.

Other rules relate to wall mounts, pets, and when you are able to use the community’s amenities.

2. Make a Shopping List

Once you have an idea of what you can determine what you can and can’t do to the apartment, you can begin to make a list of items you need.

Take an inventory of your current items, and try to remain organized as you pack it for your new place. You can also consider the new layout of the apartment when you decide what you need.

3. Coordinate Deliveries and Movers

As the shopping list grows, it is important to coordinate deliveries of new items and furniture as well as the movers. Spacing them out logically is essential, as otherwise, it can feel chaotic.

4. Check the Property

Inspect the apartment carefully as you begin to move in and take pictures of any damages that you see that have not already been recorded. Be sure to give a copy of the photos to the leasing office and schedule a time for repairs.

5. Downsize as Much as Possible

The last essential tip is to use moving into a new apartment as an excuse to downsize. Over the course of years, we tend to collect items that we no longer need or use and moving allows you to donate or dispose of these instead of having them clutter up your new apartment.

Move into Your Dream Apartment

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