fort wayne apartment maintenance

fort wayne apartment maintenance

It’s time again for our semi-annual smoke alarm battery checks and furnace filter changes. Barring an emergency, we plan to enter everyone’s apartments throughout November. As we perform this seasonal maintenance, we will also be doing a quick inspection of each apartment. Why? During our property inspection in August, we learned that we will need to better monitor the upkeep of our apartments. In the randomly selected apartments that were inspected, we found a number of residents were not requesting essential maintenance service.

Additionally, we learned that furniture and electronics may not be placed in such a way to block egress to windows and doors, or to cause a trip hazard.

As a result of the inspection, we are embarking on a campaign to inform our residents of what they need to do to keep their apartments safe and in good repair. We appreciate your cooperation during this important process.

Please Note:

In addition to checking smoke alarms and changing furnace filters (where applicable), we will be looking at:

Maintenance Issues:

  • Plumbing connections at hot water heaters and washers (where applicable)
  • Missing or broken light switch plates or electric outlet covers
  • Appliances

Housekeeping Issues:

  • Trip hazards – wires or cords strewn about, running across walking paths, etc.
  • Furniture placement – cannot be placed in front of windows/doors, or too close to baseboard heaters (where applicable)
  • Carpet conditions
  • The condition of patio and window blinds
  • Evidence of neglect or hoarding

If we find deficiencies in your apartment, we will leave documentation in your apartment.

First on the schedule will be apartments with furnace filters. Those are apartments on Mill Run Road; East Lawn Drive; 7601 to 7647 Lake ride Drive and Town homes. We will follow with apartments on Lakeridge Drive that have baseboard heaters.

We will post a note on  your door no later than the day before we will be entering your apartment. In preparation, please have the noted areas clear and make sure that all pets are crated, or that you have arrange for someone to be present in the apartment during your scheduled day.

Special Notes:

  • If you purchase a higher grade furnace filter that you want us to install, please leave it in plain slight on your scheduled day.
  • We regret, due to a strict schedule, we cannot perform impromptu maintenance request while we are in your apartment for this special project
  • Due to the scale of this project, we are unable to make appointments.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep Willow Creek Crossing a safe and well-kept apartment community for all of our residents!