The old saying goes, “Bigger isn’t always better.”  More and more people are choosing to live in smaller apartments,  whether it’s finances, reducing your energy consumption or simply wanting to start fresh, downsizing into a smaller apartment home is a great way to give your new lifestyle a kickstart.

Some of the benefits include smaller heating and cooling bills, less clutter and less to take care of overall.

Of course, there are a few challenges to moving into a smaller home, particularly space. Pack rats or those with large furniture may have a harder time adjusting to the smaller space, but this can be overcome with creative methods of storage.

Making the Most of the Downsizing

There are several ways to maximize your space and your moving adventure when downsizing to a smaller apartment.

– Storage may obviously be the biggest hassle. Get creative with it. If you have any nooks or crannies in your new, smaller apartment, consider adding shelving or other storage units within the crannies. Captain’s beds also make great storage when you’re low on space.

– Put multiple light sources in every room — windows count — to create an illusion of a bigger space. More light will also open up the space visually.

– Clean, minimalist furniture will maximize your space and create a clean living area.

– Art is another thing to keep minimal. Having lots of wall decor can clutter the space and make your apartment seem even smaller. Keep it simple with one large print or piece of art. If you have collections consider grouping them together to form one large art piece or keeping them in different areas so the wall spaces are kept as clean as possible.

– Go through your possessions before you move so that you don’t have to deal with doing it in your smaller space. One way to do this is to ask yourself if you’ve used/worn/enjoyed a possession within the past year. If you haven’t, get rid of it!

Overall, many people thoroughly enjoy living in a smaller space for various reasons, although it can take some getting used to.

To get an idea of how much room you can have with an apartment, tour the furnished models at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments.  You can see floorplans, or watch apartment tour videos, or come by and visit us on Lower Huntington Road in Southwest Fort Wayne, near Waynedale and Fort Wayne Internatinal Airport.