apartment spring cleaning

Do Your Apartment Spring Cleaning Now, Before Spring

Once the nice weather hits Fort Wayne, you won’t want to spend time inside cleaning, will you? Now is the perfect time to get that apartment Spring Cleaning done! Then when nice weather arrives you can get out and enjoy it! And enjoy a nice clean apartment when you come back in.

Here are some reminders about cleaning projects that are good to tackle this time of year:

Kitchen: clean all the surfaces — even vertical ones like the walls, back splashes,
fronts of cabinets and appliances

Bedding: launder all the washables, even the mattress pad and pillow covers; check
the labels on how to clean your pillows (some need to be dry-cleaned); vacuum the
mattress top and turn it; pack away heavy bedding

Closets: clean out and organize closets and donate items you no longer wear.

Windows: spray clean with glass cleaner; dust off miniblinds; wash or dry-clean fabric

Bookcases: remove everything (get rid of books & DVDs you no longer want — donate
to charity or the library); dust decorative items and shelves

Furniture: remove cushions and vacuum all surfaces

Bathroom: wash the shower curtain and wash or buy a new liner. Clean in cabinets are throw out anything you no longer need. Scrub toilets, sinks, and faucets.

Carpets and Rugs: spot clean carpets; wash or dry-clean area rugs; move furniture
and vacuum the entire room

You can check-off a room or a task each day and be done in a week; OR devote a day to getting the whole apartment done all at once. Whatever works for you. Just tackle that Spring Cleaning now so you can enjoy Spring when it finally gets here!