parking lot safety tips | Willow Creek Apartments Fort Wayne

parking lot safety tips | Willow Creek Apartments Fort Wayne

There are two kinds of people in this world – those who have had their car broken in to, and those who haven’t yet. I say “yet” because it is an unfortunate reality that with shared parking – like a parking lot – comes a higher likelihood that it can happen. Even the safest of neighborhoods can have a quiet criminal lurking who might take valuables out of your car or even the vehicle itself! Follow some basic protocols for better parking lot safety and you’ll be less likely to be a victim.

Secure your vehicle

We’ll start with the obvious: lock your doors and roll up your windows. Most parking lot criminals go from car-to car flipping handles to find the easy target. If your car door isn’t locked then it’s basically an open invitation to these people to hop in and help themselves to your belongings. We read a statistic recently that said 50% of all thefts and burglaries could be prevented simply by locking your car. Don’t make it easy for them! Locking your doors and rolling up your windows are your first line of defense against theft.

Place valuables in your trunk

Before you get out of your car, pause for a moment and take a quick inventory of what’s visible in your vehicle from the outside. Is your laptop in your car? Packages? Leaving your purse in there? Your vehicle has a higher chance of getting broken in to with easily accessible and easy-to-see goodies on display in the front or back seat. If you can’t take your valuables out with you, then do the next best thing and put them in your trunk. This way your car looks empty, boring, and not worth their time.

Hide papers with personal information

In today’s world, identity theft has become a rapidly growing problem that is plaguing the country. If a criminal can peek in to your car and easily see something like your registration, they already have enough information to do basic identity theft. Sensitive documents like work or school papers are very attractive to thieves. Even if there isn’t enough identifying information, just the appeal and possibility of obtaining some juicy information is all it can take for someone to decide to break in to your car.
It doesn’t take much to secure your car and protect yourself from parking lot theft. Next time you’re rushing to hop out of your car and go on with your day, slow down and consider your valuables.