Willow Creek Crossing Management takes pride in the appearance of the community.  As we begin seasonal maintenance on the property, we would like to remind residents of their personal obligation regarding care and cleanliness in and around their apartments…
Patios and Balconies
It’s time to spruce up your patios and balconies.  Only seasonal items that are meant for outdoor use, and are in a good state of repair should be kept on your patio or balcony.  Items like garbage cans, gas cans, coolers, indoor furniture, refuse, or animal cages are not allowed–either by your lease agreement or by the City’s Neighborhood Code Enforcement.
Common Areas
Safety Measures: Common areas (entrances and stairwells) must always be clear of personal items that may block the passage of residents to and from their apartments.  Flammable items may not be stored under the stairway.  In addition, items may not block access to mailboxes or fire extinguishers.  Absolutely nothing should be left on stair steps.
Sanitary Measures:
Residents may not keep, for any period of time, items of refuse, diapers, recyclables, tires, building materials or pet food outside their doors or anywhere in common areas.
Willow Creek Crossing Management will actively enforce these policies, not only for the health and safety of our residents, but for the appearance of the property.

Thanks for your cooperation!