apartment spring cleaning

apartment spring cleaning
With the colder weather we’ve add this week, it may seem like Spring will never get here… but it is Fort Wayne and it always comes eventually! An apartment Spring cleaning session may be just the thing to beat the end-of-winter blues. And it’s probably a good idea to put the time in now before the weather turns warm and you’d rather be outside! But if the thought of spending your whole weekend cleaning doesn’t sound particularly appealing… we hear you! Here are some suggestions — organized room by room — for quick spring cleaning tasks that you can tackle on your own terms: one every morning, one or two a night, spread them over a couple of weekends, or do them all in one no-holds-barred day-long session. Whatever works for you!


  • throw out “been open too long”, “never going to eat that” or “can’t identify” items from the freezer
  • throw out similar items (and include any outdated condiments) from the fridge
  • if you have any dry or canned goods in the cupboards or pantry you don’t plan on eating, put them in a bag and donate them to the food pantry or the rescue mission
  • remove and scrub the the drip pans on your stovetop
  • pop the stove hood filters into the dishwasher to get them clean


  • if it’s not a pillow-top mattress, flip and turn it for even wear
  • wash the mattress pad and pillow covers
  • pack away winter bedding and bring out the lighter sheets and blankets

Family Room

  • following the manufacturers’ instructions, dust and clean your TV and computer
  • go through piled-up DVDs and video games; give away or trade-in what you no longer like
  • give the upholstered furniture a thorough vacuuming: take the cushions off, turn and fluff (any loose change you find goes to your vacation fund!)


  • purge old/never-used items from your medicine cabinet, toiletries, and makeup stash
  • wash makeup brushes and hairbrushes
  • wash the shower curtain (or buy a new one)


  • pull out any outdoor furniture or pots and planters: give them a rinsing off and a wipe and set them up for use when warmer weather hits
  • give your front porch,  patio, or balcony a quick sweep then rinse off salt and grime with a bucket of water
  • remove any out-of-season decorations and store or dispose of properly

Reminder, if you have allowed items to collect on your apartment patio or balcony, or in your common hallway, it’s time to clean it up! Season appropriate items such as patio furniture, planters, etc. need to be neatly placed and maintained. Nothing may be stored in common hallways that impede the entrance/exit of any resident.


  • use a broom to sweep cobwebs from the ceilings and corners in every room
  • give shelves, blinds, vents, and light fixtures a dusting
  • spot clean rugs
  • vacuum each room after the spring cleaning tasks for it are done — take the time to move the furniture and get to all the edges of the room
  • replace the vacuum bag

Like we said, take it a task at a time — or a room at a time. Whatever makes sense for you. Then reward yourself! Head out for a walk around the apartment community or buy yourself a new patio set to enjoy the warmer temps.