free moving boxesIs it almost time to move into your new Willow Creek Crossing apartment?  Whether you hire movers or do it all yourself, moving day can be extremely stressful and expensive!  When it comes to moving, there are so many different things going on – one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is buying boxes.  Who wants to pay for something you know must be available free somewhere, right?  Here are some tips to help you track down good, sturdy, boxes for FREE! Not only are you saving money, you are also saving the Earth!  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Free Moving Boxes Online:

Freecycle is an online community for people looking for — or wanting to get rid of — free stuff (like used moving boxes!).

U-Haul  set up it’s Box Exchange program to reduce waste and to help customers give away or find free boxes and moving supplies.

Craigslist’s classified ads can be a great way to track down free stuff!   Check out the “Free Stuff” section of Fort Wayne’s classified ads, or even create your own for free!

In Person:

  • Large retailers like grocery stores and bookstores – talk to the manager about which days are delivery days and save them the hassle of having to break down boxes for recycling.
  • Other neighborhood retailers like fast food restaurants.   Again, talk to a manager about what days work best for them.
  • School cafeterias always have lots of large boxes to dispose of – call up your local Fort Wayne school!  They would love for you to take some off of their hands!
  • Visit one of Fort Wayne’s many recycling centers  for moving boxes that can be Reused!
  • If you, or someone you know works in an office, start collecting those handy copy paper boxes. The lids make them the ideal choice for moving!
From all of us at Willow Creek Crossing Apartments in Fort Wayne,  good luck and get packing!