to rent

to rent

As a newlywed, there are a lot of decisions you and your new spouse will need to make together. Once the wedding is over and you’re back from the honeymoon, you finally have time to think about where you want to live as you start your married life.

While homeownership may be a goal of yours down the road, for a lot of newly married couples, renting is a better option.

Buying a home can be stressful. You have to get a mortgage, find the right realtor, and submit an offer that may or may not get accepted. Most couples want to begin their married life without that kind of hassle.

Finding an apartment to rent is a much simpler and straightforward process, and can give you flexibility as you begin to grow your life together.

Below, we’re detailing the top four reasons why renting makes more sense for newlyweds. Read on!

1. More Affordable

Finances are one of the primary reasons newly married couples might want to rent instead of buy. After paying for a wedding and a honeymoon, the kind of money needed to make a worthwhile down payment is usually unattainable.

Rather than settling to buy whatever home you can afford, renting gives you and your spouse time to build your savings back up. Down the road, you’ll be in a more stable position to put in a down payment that can go toward the house of your dreams.

2. Urban Lifestyle

If you and your spouse plan to start a family one day, you find that living in the suburbs or farther from the city environment is preferable. Until having kids, though, most young married couples prefer urban living.

Renting is typically a much more feasible way for young couples to experience an urban lifestyle that puts them closer to the bars and restaurants they like to frequent.

3. Upkeep

Many newly married couples have busy lives and many priorities, including growing their careers or traveling to new places. In the midst of all of that, the upkeep that home ownership requires is not easy to manage.

By renting an apartment, you avoid the expensive and time-consuming maintenance that comes with owning a home.

4. Growing a Family

Even as you do begin to grow your family, there are lots of reasons to continue to rent an apartment.

Moving in the middle of such a big life change is often more stress than it’s worth, and being in a familiar environment can provide first-time parents with comfort and familiarity. Being in a smaller space may also help you create a safe environment for your new baby.

You may also want to avoid committing to buying a house until you determine how many children you plan to have. You don’t want to move into a house only to grow out of it once your next baby comes along.

Ready to Explore Apartments to Rent?

Starting your married life by living in an apartment community gives you and your spouse some peace of mind as you adjust to other changes. Everything about renting is simpler than buying, and if you do hope to eventually own a home, renting can help you save the money you need to achieve that goal.

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