Part of the apartment life style often means having a roommate.  Sometimes it’s for practical reasons, like sharing expenses, other times just for the company, after all, you spend about 72 hours a week in your home, making dinner, watching the tube, surfing the net, or chatting with your roommate.

Here are a few things to think about when it comes to having a roommate.

  • Start by writing out a pros and cons list of having a roommate vs. living alone.
  • If you decide to pursue a joint lease, then have serious discussion with your potential roommate about how the bills will be paid and when.  Designate who will take care of what household responsibilities BEFORE signing the lease.
  • Finally, understand  your landlord is not your referee, mediator, judge or jury if you end up having a dispute with your roommate.  If you do have a parting of the ways, you may still be liable for the remainder of the lease and fulfilling the terms.  This includes any damages that are done to the property, whether or not you lived there.  As long as your name is on the lease, you are still responsible for the rent being paid on time and the property being taken care of.

If you have any questions about taking on a roommate, feel free to get questions answered and some free advice from us here at Willow Creek Crossing.  Stop by the leasing office during regular business hours.