apartment christmas decor

Did you know that as many as 40% of people start decorating for the holidays before Thanksgiving? Even if you’re not that eager, as soon as December comes knocking, it’s time to dig out the tinsel, the Christmas lights, and all the sparkles that go with it.

Are you finding it hard to figure out how to make your apartment festive? Decking the halls with the right apartment Christmas decor can be magical. Just keep reading for great holiday decorating tips for 2021.

Apartment Christmas Decor

There are countless ways for you to spread the Christmas cheer within your apartment. You’ve got everything going from Christmas trees to lights to baubles and more.

Let’s have a look at how you can maximize the space in your apartment!

Picking The Perfect Tree

Due to insurance and fire hazard restrictions, live trees are not allowed in apartment communities. However, there are many artificial tree options to choose from. Whether your space is small or large, there’s a perfect tree just waiting for you!

One of our best apartment decorating ideas is to search for a Christmas tree that is narrow and tall. That way, it won’t take up too much floor space in your apartment, but can still be eye-catching with its height.

Alternative Tree Options

Going for a snow-covered tree can mean keeping the space feel open in your apartment. By staying away from a darker-colored, denser tree, you can keep the space feeling light and bright.

Add in some lights and the festive cheer will be abundant!

Decorate Your Shelves

One way to get creative with your Christmas decor is to decorate your shelves and any bookcases. Add lights woven into branches, traditional foliage, and tinsel. You can even add some Christmas tree bulbs to add more color and festiveness.

Keeping your Christmas decorations on your shelves and bookcases will help make the cleanup easier after the festivities too, along with your apartment resolutions list.

Light Up Your Space!

Christmas lights come in so many different sizes. You get subtle, battery-powdered lights that you can hang up in the corners of your kitchen.

Or you can go for something a little brighter and weave it around furniture in your apartment (this is a good idea to keep them close to power points). The thing with lights is they can be put anywhere, even around your vanity mirror in the bathroom, or bundled up in the center of your dining room table in a glass jar!

Don’t Forget The Front Door

This is the first part of your apartment that you see when you come home, and the first part that guests see when they come to visit!

Spice up your apartment door with a beautiful wreath. There are endless options when it comes to wreaths. You can go for something natural looking made of foliage, something that lights up and sings, or one that is made of Christmas baubles and bits.

Apartment Living For Christmas

If you’ve got your apartment Christmas decor sorted, then there’s no need to worry. Santa will definitely find his way down your chimney this Christmas!

Perhaps you’re still looking for the perfect apartment? Maybe that’s the Christmas gift you’ve been hoping for most. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

Check out our list of available apartments in Fort Wayne, and maybe we can get your stocking filled!